Bloody Crisis In Isoko: IMG Writes Senate Deputy President, Omo-Agege For Intervention


***Passes No Confidence Vote On Okowa’s Aloofness To Crisis, Calls For Relocation To Isoko

A PAN Isoko elite group, Isoko Monitoring Group, (IMG), made up of young and vibrant Isoko professionals in different field of endeavours, has written to Ovie Omo-Agege, Deputy President of the Senate, National Assembly, Abuja, to as a matter of urgency and importance intervene in the bloody communal crisis ravaging Isoko nation of Delta state.

It would be recalled that few months ago, over boundary dispute, twelve indigenes of Oleh community were gruesomely murdered in cold blood by persons suspected to be indigenes of Ozoro community and just recently a bloody communal crisis broke out between Emede and Igbide communities of Isoko South council of the state, leaving several perons dead and house and properties worth several millions of naira destroyed while the state governor is said to be aloof.

In an appeal letter entitled “Crisis In Isoko: Urgent Appeal To Step In And Save The Isoko Nation From Present And Imminent Danger” addressed to the deputy senate president, Omo-Agege, signed by Oke Michael Aziakpono (PhD., MICCON, MACS),
President, IMG, Kingsley Oroh (PhD., FIMC, CMC, PMP), Chairman, Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee, IMG and obtained by HardReporters, appealed for the urgent intervention of the deputy senate president.

“Distinguished Senator, we write to bring to your attention the imploding crisis rocking Isoko nation for sometime now, which has claimed many lives with unimaginable worth of properties destroyed.

“As a PAN ISOKO Elite Group that is made up of young and vibrant Isoko professionals in different field of endeavours, we understand the peculiarities between the Isoko and Urhobo ethnic nationalities and indeed admit that both ethnic groups are brothers. As such, the progress and stability of the Urhobo nation should be very important to the Isoko people and vice versa.”

According to the group, the hostility between Igbide and Emede communities has led to bloodbaths resulting in casualties and destruction of properties amidst looming crisis between Ozoro and Oleh communities as well as an ongoing crisis between Enhwe and Igbide communities.

IMG, noted that there is serious tension and fear in the entire Isoko nation, alleging that the political and social elites from the Isoko nation are either parties in the ongoing crisis or have taken sides based on certain affiliations and blamed the indifference attitude of the state government which they said has made it difficult for Isoko leaders to get the needed support from government required to amicably resolve the crisis.

“Furthermore, response from the Delta State Government has at best been less than adequate and not encouraging bearing in mind that one of the primary duties of Government is the protection of lives and properties. It is based on the aforesaid premises that we have resolved to call on you to urgently wade into the crisis before it becomes a full blown war among brothers.

“Sir, we particularly chose you based on the fact that you are the highest political office holder in the entire South South region and also a major leader from the Urhobo nation that has a strong historical tie with the Isoko nation, which is evident in our language and culture. We believe that the presence of the Federal Government will put a stop to this needless crisis.”

The Isoko elite group, therefore appealed to Omo-Agege to immediately wade into the looming war among the brothers and also draw the attention of the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police, Mohammad Adamu and that of the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Yusuf Buratai to immediately draft security personnel to the concerned communities pending when judicial or alternative dispute resolution mechanism are employed, so that peace can return to Isoko nation.

Meanwhile, acknowledging the letter, the Deputy President of the Senate, Ovie Omo-Agege, promised to intervene in the bloody crisis ravaging the Isoko nation.

In a related development, the Isoko Monitoring Group, (IMG), has expressed its disappointment and dissatisfaction over governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s aloofness concerning the bloody crisis ravaging the Isoko nation, describing Okowa’s aloofness as “insouciant or better put, e-no-concern-me posture on the needless bloodletting taking place in Isokoland.”

In a letter entitled “Please Act Now By Relocating To Isoko To Stop The Bloodletting In Isoko Land”, addressed to governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state, by the group, called on the governor to live up to his responsibility as the chief security officer of the state.

According to the group, “few months ago 12 sons and daughters of Oleh were mindlessly murdered in cold blood by persons yet to be identified. We have it on good authority that your government was adequately briefed of the consequences of that mindless multiple murder incident. What did your government do? Nothing! It took your government over two months to set up a “judicial committee” whose output is yet unknown. Not for the plea from well-meaning sons and daughters of Isoko, an inter communal war may have been raging between Oleh and Ozoro with dire economic consequences for the state.

“More recently, Emede community and Igbide community have been at War with each other with accompanying huge loss of lives and properties. This crisis has been raging for over a month now yet not a word from your government. We were thinking that a more responsive and responsible government would immediately draft security officials into both communities to forestall further avoidable loss of lives and properties or better still move to the warring communities just like what Chief Ibori did at the peak of the Warri crisis.

“We thought by now, you would have relocated your seat of power temporarily to Oleh/Ozoro to ensure this raging crisis in Isoko land is nipped in the bud to prevent it from imminently consuming the entire Isoko nation and the state. Your inactions and e-no-concern-me posture has made so many Isoko sons and daughters to start believing that your government sees the Isoko people as just ordinary statistics useful only during elections.

“A huge section of the Isoko populace believe very strongly that if the communal crisis raging in Isoko in any way affect the flow of oil from the flow stations in Isoko land, maybe your government would have acted more decisively but no one get if that will not be affected very soon.”

The group, however demanded immediate 24hour military presence in Emede and Igbide communities to forestall further losses of lives and properties, Fish out, arrest, and prosecute all the criminals who have hid under inter communal war to perpetuate the killings and arsons in Emede, Igbide, Enwhe and Oleh communities.

“Temporarily relocate to Isoko and meet with the Leadership of all affected communities with the aim of finding a lasting solution to the ongoing land disputes across Isoko land. Your Excellency, we have credible information that you have been fed with all the intelligence information you require to act decisively to bring peace to Isokoland if the lives of the Isoko people really matter to your government.


NB: Apologies to our esteem readers for the gory images…


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