ALLEGED FORGERY: NJC To Investigate Oyo Deputy Chief Registrar


****As Businessman Raises Alarm, Fingers Access Bank, Oyo Chief Judge, Assistant Comptroller Of Correctional Services In The Forgery Scandal

Oyo state high court deputy chief registrar, Olusola Adetujoye, has been accused of forging the signature of a high court judge to enable her to forcefully grab landed property worth some billions of naira belonging to an Oyo state based businessman, Joel Uba, an indigene of Nnewi, Anambra state.

Uba, who is having a running legal battles with the Access Bank, an assistant comptroller of Nigerian prisons service, accused them of conniving with the state Deputy Chief Registrar, Adetujoye to use her judiciary connections to forcefully take his property from him with fraudulent and fabricated court documents.

One of the Uba’s properties is said to be located at No. 44 Adebele Street beside Best Motel, along Odo Ona Elewe Road, Orita Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo state.

In a petition through his counsels, dated March, 3, 2020, addressed to the Chairman,
National Judicial Council, Abuja, signed by C.N. Onyishi Esq and C.C. Okafor Esq, and made available to Journalists, called on the judicial council to as a matter of urgency and importance constitute a probe panel to investigate the Oyo state Deputy Chief Registrar, Adetujoye concerning some forged court documents.

According to the petition, Adetujoye noted that some court executions carried out by Adetujoye were illegally done, saying it is tainted with a forged document and nothing in the court’s file was evidently showing there was an execution.

The petitioner alleged that the Assistant Comptroller of correctional services, Prisons, in the state, Sesan Adeola, allegedly invaded his property in company, the Deputy Chief Registrar, bunch of hoodlums and some policemen numbering over 30, headed by one Inspector Tanko, stormed his property to dispossess his tenants without any notice, posted or verbal.

“Importantly, Mrs. Olusola Adetujoye, also forged a document of execution where she stepped into the shoes of the judge by appending a signature by forging the signature of the judge with the sinister motive of dispossessing our client of his property despite the pending nature in the court of appeal.

“Mrs. Olusola Adetujoye have once boasted before our client’s as to how connected she is in the judiciary and our client cannot do anything but to succumb to her whims and caprices.

“Consequent upon such boastful conversation by Mrs. Olusola Adetujoye, our clients caused a formal petition to be written against her to the Honourable Chief Judge of Oyo State through our clients former counsel but, to the utter chagrin of our client the Honourable Chief Judge never acted on those petitions.

“We are making a clarion call to your good office to look into the merit of our complaints, invite all parties, discipline the would be offenders and also investigate all executions carried out by Mrs. Olusola Adetujoye because, so many legitimate citizens have been dispossessed of their properties through an unlawful execution.

“Our client is fully ready to expose the band wagons of lawyers, judicial staff and rented police officers who have been associated in one way or the other in masterminding this heinous crime. It is only when all investigations are carried out and parties are put under serious check and scrutiny that, this nature of crime will be nipped in the bud and this heinous crime will also be completely eradicated.”, the petitioner noted.

The petitioner also accused the Oyo state Chief Judge of giving some levels of protection to the Deputy Chief Registrar as series of petitions written against her never saw the light of the day.

The petitioner who raised the alarm that his life is under serious threat with constant avalanche of calls from unknown callers making threats of assassination to his life, stated that following the development he has resulted into taking refuge from one location to another for fear of been assassinated.

Uba, recounted bitterly how his property worth over five million naira were destroyed and others catered away by hoodlums allegedly hired to his property by the deputy chief registrar, the assistant comptroller of correctional services in company of over 30 policemen in an attempt to use the fraudulent and forged court documents to forcefully take away his property from him.

“I was not only psychologically destabilized, but was also physical shaken. My property was being fraudulently taken over by these people. Base on the foregoing, we write to you that our client have been restless as different esoteric unknown numbers have been calling him issuing threats and telling him not to ever step his foot in Ibadan or else will not live to tell the stories.

“Some of such unidentified numbers are under listed below: 08130492920, 08144755342, 08126657378, 08130492820, 08090539668, 09013176051, +959672648, 0908474292, 07054695948, 08034052732, 09065072265, 08129393595, 07088802379, 08090539668, 07017313439, 08128707659, 07031595245, 09020816650.”

As at press time calls and messages to the state chief judge, Muktar Abimbola and the Assistant Comptroller of correctional services, Prisons, in the state, Sesan Adeola were not responded to but on her part when contacted, the Deputy Chief Registrar, Olusola Adetujoye, denied all the allegations levelled against her describing it as spurious and unfounded and to smear her good name.

“I am a Deputy Chief Registrar in charge of enforcement. I neither grant nor deliver judgment; I don’t have the power to do anything. My own is obedient servant. Do it this way and do it that way. The letter came for execution, there was a judgment of the court and the letter came.”


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