COUNCIL POLLS: Delta APC Chairmanship Hopeful Disgraces Self While Battling To Speak English And Pronounce Words


As the Delta state local government councils elections continue to gather momentum, an All Progressives Congress, (APC), chairmanship aspirant for the Sapele local government council, Stanley Eshanomi, was said to have disgraced himself Wednesday while battling to speak English and pronounce words.

Mr. Eshanomi who was at the secretariat of the Indigenous Correspondents’ Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Delta State Council for a media parley, HardReporters reliably gathered, find it hard to put words together and make complete simple sentences in his bid to answer questions put to him by members of the chapel.

The APC chairmanship hopeful who also could not drive home his points coherently was said to be gasping with breaths while members of the press watched him helplessly.

Battling to answer a question put to him, the chairmanship hopeful said “However, as a result of development, questionable leadership style of those people in power in the local government, I see my people suffer in various social amenities. I decide to contest as the chairmanship position in my local government by offering myself as a sacrifaction lamp as just our Lord Jesus did. My great journalist, I must say that my main arms objective, my motive of joining this race is not for selfish interest neither to fill my bank account with public funds. I will never disappoint my people. I know of course that journalists are very much aware that the name Sapele, I also believe that even in your primary school, university days some of you read about the ancient city Sapele”.

Speaking further, Eshanomi said, “On Okowa’s administration, I must say the government should. On Okowa administration, I believe the PDP party have struction of the party. The party’s programmes, Delta State need result not excuse. By the special grace of God, the game will be change for good. Sapele does not have any higher institution, in Sapele, the people are behind me, they already to work with the APC because the PDP government did not favour Sapele. I assure that the youth learn skill like hair dressing, caring, computer, fashion design to reduce the rate of unemployment in Sapele local government. My dear journalists, I have a lot to offer to my people. The people of Sapele need positive change in all part of human endear, I am Stanley Eshanomi, the right man for this job. Am a rescue mission in the liberate of the good people of Sapele from darkness as a result of bad leadering of the PDP. I do not support hate speech or hate campaign but I must tell you that the things of shame and disgrace that the name of Sapele is been, Who know Warri before now when Sapele was Sapele.”

Continuing the APC chairmanship aspirant who battled profusely with pronunciation of some words when speaking, stated “In the areas of the windows, the Sapele people, the APC in particular have decided by the special grace of God, I am elected as the chairman of Sapele local government, we will set up a committees to assist every windows who don’t have husband again in Sapele. Sapele was number one but never is too late the error must be corrected that is why I decide to join the race. That is how the battle recorded, the battle is for the Lord by the grace of God the victory is sure at the end of it. I must say I don’t have money to run the affair in the local government election. My people choose me to run the race. I believe our Lord Jesus Christ is not the most richest but is the leader today. Am not too young to be a king, my people choose me to lead them. As far they are with me, I think money cannot buy the Sapele, they decided and I decided by the special grace of God I will be elected as the chairman Sapele local government. Thank you very much pressmen, I must say like what I said earlier, I don’t love hate speeches. Okowa is a good manager because the country is on recession in the past two years and what I will advice the Excellency governor Ifeanyi Okowa, he should add more to the management to manage the affair of Delta State, thank you very much”. Eshanomi disgracefully ended the interaction.


  1. This write also struggled to put his words together as well as the accused .
    Read the beginning of your write up.

    “As the Delta state local government councils elections continue gather momentum, ”
    Continue gather ?
    Should be “continue to gather ‘

    We do not want people who can speak big grammar , grammar does not bring about development neither does grammar give employment to the youth.

  2. I am not going to argue with u saying if he could speak English or not as u did not add the video but I will say leadership is not about English

    All we want is someone with the zeal determination willingness to do good and listing to his people

    We want change in sapele and I strongly believe with Hon Stanley we will get the change

  3. He cannot speak English he cannot speak English. Backwardness no more, we need someone that is educated at least should a youth want to run. Imagine the lifestyle, more than five phones on the table, gold chain bigger than a can, you can smell the pride already. Let him firstly educate himself, know how to officially appear in specific public place and dress for occasions, etiquette is very vital. A man with class is not too much to ask for. I wish him well

  4. Who ever wrote this rubbish is uneducated person too, you can’t prove it, if he truly make a mistake when speaking then provid the video am waiting.


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