DEFECTION: Uduaghan’s Former Commissioner Returns To His Vomit, Laments, Cries, Begs Okowa For Forgiveness


Former education commissioner in the immediate past administration of governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, Tony Nwaka who dumped the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), for the All Progressives Congress, (APC) few weeks ago has re-defected to his former party with lamentation, weeping and begging governor Ifeanyi Okowa and others for forgiveness over his action.

Mr. Nwaka who dumped the PDP for APC to enable him contest for the National Assembly forthcoming 2019 general elections and join forces to dislodge governor Okowa, announced his returning to his former party, PDP, through his verified Facebook account.

In a post titled “YES, I MADE A MISTAKE”, probably confused and frustrated Nwaka wrote “I must first apologize to my PDP family who, all these years, provided the platform for my political ascension. There is no doubt that I took my grievances beyond permissible limits. I shouldn’t have left the party for a minute. I pray that I find forgiveness in the hearts of our teeming party loyalists, many of whom have always held me in high esteem.

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“My special apologies go to His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and the state leadership of the party, who must have been terribly embarrassed by my indiscretion. I shall duly explore the formal channels for a remediation of this misjudgment. At the same time, I also seek the understanding of many members of the APC, some of whom had opened their arms to welcome me to their fold.

“I am truly sorry for the unintended confusion. Rest assured that my decision to remain with my original political family has nothing to do with the general acceptability or otherwise of the APC. Of course I am not in a position to determine that. It is for the Nigerian masses to judge.

“My decision is purely a product of my conscience and deeper reflection. I honestly cannot imagine myself in the media or at the campaign ground speaking against the PDP, a party that took me to the limelight I enjoy today. Also, although I still have not attended any APC meeting, I am convinced I will feel completely out of place in their midst.

“Yes, PDP may have its faults. Yes, I may have my frustrations with the party. But it remains the only political family I know. I cannot extricate myself from the failures and successes of PDP. Honor and integrity demand that I not only identify with the party when the going is good for me, but also remain with her in my moments of distress.

“For my many followers who are truly desirous that we seek alternative routes to political fulfilment, I ask for temperance and fortitude. No condition lasts forever. I believe that the seeming discomfort of today could eventuate in a glorious tomorrow. Let patience be our watchword for God is on the throne.

“For my numerous Facebook followers, I crave your understanding in the circumstance. One of the lessons I have taken away from this whole experience is the need to identify the limits of social media in matters of practical politics. Accordingly, I shall henceforth restrict my social media commentaries to purely non-political topics. I hope you’ll bear with me.

“Once again, I apologize to everyone that may have been offended by my actions in the last few days. I am really sorry. The truth is, no matter the yearning for better political prospects, my conscience simply would not let me walk away from PDP, a political family that has done so much for me. Any pretensions to the contrary will continually set me at war with my inner self. I cannot live a life that is not me. PDP I am and PDP I will remain. Thank you and God bless. Dr. Tony Nwaka.”

Mr. Nwaka had on Wednesday lamented, cried, regretted his action and expressed his confused and frustrated state of mind.


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