EDITORIAL: Delta Speaker, Oborevwori, Aiding Criminals With Vehicle Number Plates ?


    Beyond the razzmatazz of the season, hinged on party policking for those with intent to mount the most covet seats of leadership in Delta State ahead of 2019, lies a fact that elements under the Senator Ifeanyi Okowa’s led government are busy enriching their wallets at the cost of Deltans’ security.

    Impeccable information reaching HardReporters news desk is that the Delta State House of Assembly under the leadership of Sheriff Oborevwori, is issuing government number plates to whosoever can afford it.

    Our investigation machinery gathered that for less than a hundred thousand naira, anybody who wishes to evade security protocol can secure the green vehicle number plates of the state parliament reading DTHA with numbers.

    We have since gathered that the Directorate of transport of the Delta State House of Assembly, has sold over four hundred of these illegal vehicle number plates to some big shots and interested members of the public.

    Most ludicrous in the chain of event as gathered, is a fact that, the Speaker, Mr. Sheriff Oborevwori is well aware of the scandal and has encouraged it since his assumption of office.

    While a majority of aides and staff of the House cannot boast of vehicle ownership, mention less vehicle’s number plates, renowned internet fraudsters alias ‘yahoo boys’ and elements with unmarketable integrity are parading the streets of Asaba and it’s environs with exotic vehicles carrying the vehicle number plates of the most hallowed legislative arm of the state government.

    Questions, however, are nagging, as to the true rationale behind the move, beyond pecuniary interest owing to the governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s “ego aria” and allied matters. There will be nothing surprising if it is for money, has a member of Parliament, Rueben Izeze not been seen severally in recent times, in sport betting centres napping it out to test fortune? Secondly, will it be right to assume that the Speaker is approving the plates to protect criminality in the state?

    In this lieu, HardReporters is stating that the law is clear on the act. It is tantamount to sabotage and it is an apparent security breach which cannot and should not be shoved aside, if truly the ‘prosperity for all Deltans’ mantra includes security of lives and property of Deltans.

    We, as a matter of fact, recommend that a total recall of all issued number plates be instituted; officials of the Delta State House of Assembly, Directorate of Transport be suspended till further notice; a committee be set up by the state government to investigate the scandal while defaulters and those found wanting should face the music.

    Members of the public are also encouraged to notify security officials on any suspected person with vehicle displaying DTHA number plates who is not a staff or aide of the state legislature.

    In the same vein, those whom government vehicles earlier assigned and are out of the system, still retaining the official inscription of the state government numbers on their vehicles, are equally advised to erase the numbers and replace them with private plate numbers with immediate effect. But if the state government decides to turn its face, then, woe onto Delta State and its inhabitants.


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