Former Bayelsa PDP Chairman Assassinated


Mr. Christopher Hobobo who is a former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa state has been assassinated.

The Punch reports that Hobobo who served in an acting capacity was killed at his residence located on PDP Road, Yenagoa on Wednesday, May 17.

It was reported that the attackers forced the gate to his apartment open before stabbing him to death in his sitting room.

Report indicated that the assailants were armed with guns but chose to stab him in order not to make noise.

Family members and sympathisers thronged to the house of the deceased while the police was also notified and they took his body away.

Mr. Desi Tambrebofa and Mr. John Gidi who are members of the victim’s family expressed shock at the manner in which he was killed.

They described Hobobo as an easy going man.

Mr. Amba Asuquo who is the state commissioner of police promised that investigation will be carried out and the perpetrators brought to book.


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