HARD TALK: Between Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi And Hon. Ned Nwoko: A Word Of Advice


The Anioma people, especially of the Aniocha/Oshimili stock, have never been lacking in quality human resource. The moral, intellectual and creative excellence of our people have consistently attracted national and international acclaim. From the days of Rev. Martin, Dennis Osadebay, Zulu Sofola to the contemporary times of Okonjo-Iweala, Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Stephen Keshi, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Sunny Odogwu, Amb. Raph Uwechue, Prof. Frank Ndili and Gen. Paul Dike to mention but a few, the trajectory of the Anioma identity has been of incomparable distinction.

I believe that this admirable representation of our cultural provenance should be the benchmark upon which every aspiring leader from Anioma must anchor his projections. It is in this context I am constrained to invite attention to my observations about the ongoing rivalry between Senator Peter Nwoboshi and Hon. Ned Nwoko for the 2019 Delta North senatorial ticket. Whilst I admit that these two distinguished sons of Anioma have the capacity to provide our people with effective representation at the national assembly, the unrestrained adversarial attacks against each other are beginning to undermine the foundations of their aspirations.

The supporters of these two gentlemen have completely thrown caution to the wind, all in a bid to diminish the prospects of the other. The vicious language and extremities of private and family issues they bring daily to the public arena against each other, are at total variance with the sense of decency and moderation for which the Anioma spirit is renowned. I have had cause in the recent past, at different times and in various fora, to raise this same issue. But it is obvious that rather than abating, the merciless attacks on social media against each other have been taken to very dangerous dimensions. I advise that this destructive attacks be checked now. If not, it would have unpleasant consequences for not just our party, the PDP, but also on the unity and brotherly bonds of Anioma nation.

Contests and rivalries are expected in every political environment. But when you begin to openly accuse each other of fraud, occultic proclivities, religious hypocrisy, disputed paternity, marital infidelities and all such vulgarities as are repulsive to the cultured mind, then we must rise and say that this is not at all reflective of the noble traditions of the Anioma people. It is even more disturbing that neither Senator Nwoboshi nor Hon. Nwoko is seeing the danger in the worsening war of attrition between their supporters. I am yet to read a message from either camps calling their own members to order. A higher capacity for intemperance does not necessarily win a war. To the thoughtful voter, sometimes, the social graces of public conduct resonate more than the crudities of unguarded utterances.

I pray that these two gentlemen would quickly intervene and bring sanity to their campaigns. As I said earlier, Anioma is blessed with sufficiently capable hands in all noble spheres of life. To continue on the current path of misadventure by both Nwoboshi and Nwoko camps would only open the doors for other untainted Anioma sons and daughters to join the senatorial race, and rescue the time honored values and decency of our people.

Tony Nwaka, is an Executive Assistant to Delta state governor on Education.


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