HARD TALK: Delta APC And The Sham In Dr. Kachukwu’s Residence


Just bother to ask an average APC folk how they intend to successfully choose a Guber candidate among the irreconcilable gladiators gunning for the Governorship seat in 2019 and you might hear: when we get to that bridge, we will cross it.

Obviously, isn’t that what most persons term wishful thinking?

However, in APC, expectations are usually taken as tantamount to tangible realities. But it appears that they have forgotten albeit perilously, that people can only cross bridges that were built in the first place!

So when in 2015, most concerned Nigerians wondered what CHANGE was in the offing from a relatively unprepared Presidential candidate and party that only mouthed some oddities like making a Naira the equivalent of a Dollar or ensuring that fuel sells at 45 Naira per litre,not many others asked them the modalities already put in place to actualize such seemingly illusory promises.

Unfortunately, here we are today with no seeming end in sight to the fuel or exchange rate brouhaha.

I knew it almost instinctively that that unholy gathering at Kachikwu’ s house will eventually amount to something like the bigger edition of APC’ s deceitful Broom or Change Mantra of 2015.

At the meeting, they made no plans to rule with a well- prepared manifesto;neither did they come up with a more sellable blueprint with which to at least convince Deltans to dump the currently working SMART Agenda.

It was all just about discussions on the sinister plan of ousting Gov Okowa and passing an undeserved vote of confidence on the Government of Buhari. Really some political perfidy at very quantum heights.

However, herein lies more of the debilitating jinx for that assemblage of serial guber hunters.

Immediately after the said meeting, almost all supporters of the various Delta North aspirants went to town announcing how each of their ‘ ogas’ was literally begged at the meeting to contest in 2019.

Then that nagging question also arose almost immediately in curious minds: what can a Party within which all the stalwarts want to be Governor at once offer Deltans? For sadly among them, party supremacy and discipline can unabashedly be sacrificed on their selfish and ambition – tainted altars.

Anyway, this is food for thought for Delta APC.

Do they imagine that most Deltans would give up a working government for another one that looks illusory and primed to turn governance into a kindergarten charade of learning from 2019 and beyond?

Yes, I think it is factual enough that almost all Deltans across divides accept that Gov Okowa is working. Hence, they appreciate his modest and enduring achievements and have equally shown commitment to carry on with him for another term.

For Delta APC therefore, it may be better that they go sort out their unending feud characterized for example by the refusal of Chiefs Ogboru, Emerhors and Sen Omo Ageges to unselfishly accept or adhere to the muted but equitable zoning formula that stipulates that it remains the turn of Delta North in power till 2023.

Indeed too, any attempt to ride on the supposed credibility of Dr Kachikwu in order to hoodwink Deltans will eventually fail. Unarguably, Kachikwu himself has his own battles not won yet even as proof of enacity, sagacity and astuteness in leadership.

This is therefore again the truth. Deltans may not entrust the delicately structured Delta State with its multi-plural ethnic configuration,large workforce, resource control palaver cum youth restiveness and other equally divergent socioeconomic views,agitation, demands and expectations etc on a man whose shoulders are already caving in to the demands of just one sector of our national life.

God bless Delta State.

By Olomu Onyiye.


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