HARD TALK: Joel Onowakpo Thomas (JOT) Cannot Be A Political Merchant


There are some cheap propaganda that are currently on sale to some members of APC in Isoko nation against Joel Onowakpo Thomas, possibly by those feeling threatened by his emergence as the aspirant to beat as long as the House of Representative primary of APC and the general election in Isoko Federal Constituency is concerned. It is being rumoured that Joel Onowakpo Thomas is being used by the failing PDP to destabilise and cause confusion in APC as we approach 2019. In some quarters, some APC faithfuls are being told that Joel Onowakpo Thomas will defect back to the PDP after sailing to victory on the unstoppable Ship of APC.

Honestly, we don’t need a prophet to decipher that nothing can be farther from the truth than these cheap propaganda. It is easy to know that these propaganda are products of fear and only exist in the imagination of those propagating them. Just as you cannot send a known officer to an espionage mission in security operations, so you do not send a well known man; one with a name to protect and integrity to sustain on pseudo operations in another political party. Joel Onowakpo Thomas is a household name in Isoko nation and beyond. As a technocrat, Joel has proven track records and has also built a lifelong career for himself. He is a man with no political blemish when we consider the dirty politicking that is bedeviling our democracy. Being a well refined leader, Joel has been building generations by raising youths, women and even men through humanitarian services. This has earned him large followership across board. It will be foolhardy for a man of this caliber to dash this hard earned reputation to the wind for mere political trading. You ought to know that Joel, who was a major financial in PDP, is definitely bigger than a political merchant. So tell those selling that garbage to look for something more meaningful, perhaps, what can be termed “strong delusion” to sell.

More laughable is the claim that Joel Onowakpo Thomas will immediately defect back to the PDP after coasting home to victory on the platform of the APC. What did Onowakpo forget in the PDP that he will hurriedly run back to claim after winning an all important House of Representative election? Is it the injustice and impunity that characterized the PDP or what? In case we have forgotten, the PDP is fast loosing its salt in Delta State, South South and Nigeria. The average Nigerian is fed up with the inglorious ways of the PDP, so those that have successfully left the party will be committing a political blonder by returning. The Governor Aminu Tambuwal defection back to the PDP in Sokoto State is a good case study. He has lost all the followership he enjoyed yesterday.

Besides, belonging to a party that will be retaining the Presidency is of great advantage to Joel Onowakpo Thomas and indeed anyone as a legislator on the APC platform. It is also instructive to note that Joel Onowakpo has established a good relationship with the National Chairman of APC, Comr. Adams Oshiomhole. As such, it will be unprofitable for Joel to return to the PDP, where some leaders restrict others access to the powers that be. Let me also add that Joel Onowakpo Thomas has been a progressive from time immemorial. He was among the first persons that brought Alliance for Democracy (AD) to Isoko land. If we therefore, trace the history of APC, we will understand that Joel Onowakpo Thomas is a core progressive. The APC is his home, so it is largely difficult for him to defect after his election as a member of the House of Representatives come 2019.

Finally, it is imperative that we respect everyone’s right to franchise. The APC does not discriminate but has always present its most sellable candidate for elective positions at every given point in time irrespective of how old or young they are in the party. As at today, Joel Onowakpo Thomas is among the first eleven in Isoko APC. This is a fact that cannot be dismissed. APC has a very bright chance in clinching the position of the House of Representative in Isoko Federal Constituency if we feature Joel. This, to me is for the benefit of all APC members especially those in Isokoland. Therefore, let us avoid being led by fear, so that we don’t end up doing the wrong thing. Joel Onowakpo Thomas (JOT) cannot be a political merchant, he is an undisputed game changer for the APC in Isoko nation if we are truly prepared to win elective positions.


Mc Paul, is an APC Stalwart, Isoko Nation, Delta State, Nigeria.


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