HARD TALK: Shall We Continue In Sin That Suffering May Abound?: The Many Sins Of Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi


Even after a tireless search, there is little or nothing to show for the Anioma representation in the Senate. It has been years of failed promises upon failed promises. The Incumbent senator representing the good people of the Anioma Nation has failed, and as Obasanjo said, “you don’t reinforce failure”.

Banking on positive expectations with Sen. Nwaoboshi has been like waiting for a airplane at a bus stop. With his failure to deliver the 8 buses he promised during his campaigns how are we sure he would deliver his new bogus promises? O! I remember, he once sent a 40 year old bus to our party. The bus even his cook would reject, is what he deemed fit for the leadership of our great party, what an insult!

I wonder the kind of Senator we have been cursed with who through out his stay at the Senate could not visit the Local Government Areas that made up his constituency. Even if he would lie that he never had the time during weekdays, what happened to weekends? Can our outgoing Senator boast of having toured up to 5 local government areas to tell them thank you for voting him in? What is he scared of? Why doesn’t he want to hold constituency meetings? Why does he find it difficult to sit with his people? Why can’t he emulate our active Governor who has embarked on Townhall Meetings? Is it because he has nothing to present as accomplishments?

But then, I remember, he said it wasn’t the Anioma Nation that voted him into power. He said it was someone in faraway London that made him a Senator. He said our campaigns for him were a waste of time. He said we all engaged in a meaningless effort in our bid to see him represent us. He said the effort of our own Ekwueme, who toiled day and night for his success and carried him as his personal project, was one in futility as his fate was settled in England. Little wonder he locked our youths out when they paid him a visit. How much of his disdain can we sustain? How much more insults do we need to know the Oracle has deceived us.

Can a man who is a regular visitor at the EFCC, who often spend weeks in underground cells of anti graft agencies, who is a federal government recognized Looters represent our interest and not his?

It is time our people had open our eyes. We wouldn’t let one man stain the image of the entire Anioma Nation. No we wouldn’t let one man dent the image our Ekwueme is building. Ekwueme is like a true Anioma son is working, his re election is sure. The outgoing Senator should not use the badwill the people have against him to stain the goodwill all Deltans have for our Ekwueme.

As 2019 draws nearer, I want to call on all to kick away those who want to bring us to ruin. No doubt money would be thrown around, but for the betterment of our people, let us support our BEST!!

Fred Ojo, writes from Delta State.


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