HARD TALK: The Ojougboh Effect And Okowa’s Lackluster Government


Dr. Cairo Ojougboh has within the last few months, through his respective open letters to President Buhari and the Primate of the Anglican Communion proven beyond doubts that truly, any political party in power, whether at state or national level needs a vibrant opposition party that will put it on its toes and make it deliver to the people.

That is to say any government without a formidable opposition is akin to a dictatorship system of government where people only obey but cannot ask questions. This has been the case in Delta State under Okowa who in his usual hypocritical manner has pocketed the State’s House of Assembly to his advantage.

However, reprieve came to the suffering Deltans the moment Dr. Cairo Ojougboh opened his mouth to speak on their behalf against the rot in the state and since then, a lot has happened in the governance of Delta State where huge corrupt practices of Gov. Okowa was exposed. For example, he ran the state without a signed budget for the year 2017.

Piqued by Dr. Cairo Ojougboh’s letters and the criticisms that followed his (Okowa) incompetence and abysmal performance as governor, Senator Okowa quickly adjusted his belt and hastily presented the 2018 budget to the Delta State House of Assembly, stopped the acceptance fee imposed on new students of the Delta State University, paid some arrears of pensioners and released one billion naira to DESOPADEC, a feat he wouldnt have done had Dr. Cairo Ojougboh not burst the bubble to expose his (Okowa) lackluster government.

Those who truly know Dr. Cairo Ojougboh can attest to the very fact that the former lawmaker is a fearless, courageous and outspoken anti-corruption crusader who doesn’t waiver nor look back when fighting a course that will impart on the lives of the people.

His commitment to being the voice of the voiceless has earned him several awards by notable organisations. Students of Delta State University, the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Delta State chapter, NUT, DESOPADEC and the Nigerian Labor Congress NLC have applauded him for prevailing on the Okowa-led government to do the needful. It is now called the OJOUGBOH EFFECT across the state.

Written By Temisan Oritsejolomi.


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