“NOT TOO YOUNG TO RULE”: Uduaghan Admonishes Youths Against Throwing Shades, Insult At Leaders, Elders On Social Media


Immediate past governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan has admonished youngsters to as a matter of urgency and importance desist from throwing shades and insults at leaders and elders directly or indirectly through proxies in the social media if they must succeed politically in life.

Mr. Uduaghan who gave the advise in his Christmas message to the younger generation, tagged “Merry Christmas To Our “Not Too Young To Run” and posted on his Facebook timeline reminded the youths that Christmas season is the season that God practically demonstrated love and giving..

“For our “not too young to run” especially in Delta State, note that this is the season to begin to build bridges, the love and bond of friendship that can make you succeed in your aspiration. Throwing shades and insults directly or indirectly through proxies in the social media will get you nowhere.

“Some of you are showing so much illeteracy and ignorance with your write ups, and I can see you not moving one step in your political ladder. You need the prayers of that traditional ruler you are insulting. You need the experience and advise and even the support of that leader you keep insulting.

“You need the support of the other younger ones you are busy abusing every day, because of his or her political belief and orientation. In my political career in Delta, I have seen supposedly vibrant young men and even women, who have come into this State, insulting everyone and parading themselves as “Know All”. They faced the reality when they attempted contesting elections. They could not even raise one leg when the race started. They immediately ran back to their bases.

“The strongest weapon in winning election is HUMILITY. You will meet and mingle with the high and mighty and of course, the common man. You need all of them. Humble yourself before ALL. Arrogance will take you nowhere. Name dropping will take you nowhere. Propaganda pictures and falsehood will take you nowhere. Being the M.D. of the company called “Rumour Delta State Ltd” will take you nowhere.

“I can see many of our ‘not too young to run’ people turning round and round the same spot like a barber’s chair ( as Warri people will say), until they develop grey hair and get frustrated. If you are serious, move to the political field and build structures that can make you win elections. People can only support your aspiration if you have structures on ground.” Uduaghan said.

The former governor however used the medium to wish the youngsters a merry Christmas.

“Merry Christmas And Good Luck In Your Aspiration. #nottooyoungtorun.” Uduaghan wrote.


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