RE: Okowa’s CPS Indicts Ochei, Calls Him A Fraudster


“If you want to be lied to, all you need to do is believe everything that government tells you”

It is rather unfortunate that governance in Delta has been reduced to media show-off and frenzy where a retinue of jobless government choristers in their thousands now sound like a broken record in a bid to justify their undeserved pay.

Whereas responsive governments around the world will take pride in constructive criticism,make amends were possible and try to educate its citizens were necessary. The Okowa administration has continued to show resilience in media propaganda and cheap blackmail rather than channel resource and energy into meaningful government policies that can alleviate poverty and enhance human capital development across the state.

Now for the interest of the general public permit me to refer u to a press release by the Delta state PDP publicity Secretary sometime in February this year titled “HACK WRITERS RABBLE ROUSERS AND MISCHIEF MARKERS” wherein your party and government tried unconvincingly to dissociate itself from any wrongdoing on the IPP project but ended up exonerating DAVNOTCH NIG LTD of any offense.

From the analysis of that press release it showed that DAVNOTCH had so far completed the project to the tune of 85% in line with the amount so far released to her.

Secondly I would like to refresh your memory as to the fact that Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei was not a speaker as at the time the IPP project was awarded just as you alleged, and could not have used that influence to secure the contract as he was only a floor member in the house of Assembly.

It is quite laughable and appalling that as the CPS of the state you are rather not in tune with current happenings in and around the government you serve…Otherwise you would have known that your paymaster the governor of Delta state’s younger brother ‘Solomon Okowa’ had attempted to sell this same IPP project to a contrived foreign partner. Hence DAVNOTCH quickly took the matter to the court of arbitration, wherein up till date the Delta state government has deliberately avoided to appoint her own arbitrator so the case can be heard for breach of contractual agreement between Delta state government and DAVNOTCH NIG LTD.

Victor Ochei from time immemorial has being a business man hence the entrepreneur in him causes everything he touches to flourish. The name Davnotch came into existence before the time preceding Victor Ochei’s political career. Davnotch was established in 1998, five years before he became a house of Assembly member Mr. press secretary. Whoever has had one on one contact with Victor Ochei knows clearly that the Business Minded Young man clearly has humongous capacities apart from Political sagacity to offer.

I have, to a large extent always tried not to talk about who Victor Ochei was before he joined active politics and contested in the 2003 elections that brought him in as a member of the state house of Assembly not because he had a terrible past but because I felt it wasn’t necessary but for the avoidance of doubt I’ll tell u here and for those of you who care to listen Victor Ochei was a very successful young and energetic business man who had all going for him, I laugh when most people say he was a “common boutique owner” and I ask myself what is wrong in owning a boutique? Yes Victor Ochei owned one of the most Luxurious boutiques in Asaba as at then, with pride top government dignitaries would walk in and patronize him including the then governor of the state, doesn’t that tell u something about the man,? his class and taste at a very young age gained him so much popularity that people who had eyes for good things didn’t see any other perfect place than his boutique, and that when he decided to venture into politics with an unpopular party (UNPP) he did the unthinkable by unseating a popular candidate the then house leader from PDP even when the former deputy governor is from his LGA. A feat people applauded and requested to know who the young man who won a seating Deputy governor and the leader of the house was.

Can Mr. Charles Aniagwu the long hibernated and inarticulate chief press secretary tell the world that his paymaster got his riches from quasi-medical practice in his suitcase like clinic in the remote area of Igbanke? Obviously No. Politics clearly gave Dr. Okowa’s life a direction that explains to a large extent why he sees every contest as a Do-Or-Die Affair. Even before the Governor became what he is now,he was stupendously rich. It’s an open secret that he even elevated thugs to billionaires via politics and nothing else.

Judging by the Governor’s antecedent, he became local government Secretary and later became the LGA chairman. After then he started moving from one juicy Ministry to another as commissioner and what have you. Before the age at which Victor Ochei pitched tent with politics he was already a career politician till this minute, he is still living off politics. Now, between a Victor Ochei who has just been in power for 12years and an Ifeanyi Okowa who has been in politics even before the creation of Delta State who can be said to have made it big through politics?. Or is 12 now greater than 27 in Okowa’s Delta ? . Towards the length and breath of the state, Ifeanyi Okowa is the man who has been in government the longest and has profited more than anyone undoubtedly.

Away from the Governor, it’s an established fact that none of his siblings has ever worked in any organized establishment. The only one that tried to change the status quo was his younger brother Tony Okowa who has now changed his name to Tonobok, after his quest to make it via the fastest lane went wrong. As we speak, Tony “Tonobok” Okowa is a wanted drug baron and a multiple offender in far away Brazil. A wanted man is now our sports Commission Chairman. Very smart indeed! Whoever related to Dr. Okowa that has worked should come forth to debunk the Above assertion.

Why didn’t he utilize the opportunity of being on air to brief Deltans on what this government have for us or better still limit him self to narrating what has been done if any ? This is a clear indication that there is a price tag for whoever attacks the person of Victor Ochei. Obviously, the never prosperous government is now pursuing one agenda. The agenda is to stop Victor Ochei.

Victor Ochei makes no claim to be an infallible paragon but then he can’t hide the fact that he has the paragon of virtues pre-determined to give Deltans a better alternative notwithstanding the blackmail.

As we approach 2019, Your attempts to suppress truth and further hoodwink Deltans amidst your far below average performance will earn you a monumental defeat. Amen !!!


Kelvin Imerie

For Team Ochei Media


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