2019: Nwoko Plans To Dump PDP If Not Favoured At Primaries


As the 2019 general elections gather momentum, one of the frontline Delta North Senatorial aspirants for Delta North Senatorial District, Mr. Ned Nwoko has said, he will seek “option B” to dump the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), if the party primaries does not favour him.

According to the former House of Representatives member, who was unveiling his manifesto to Anioma nation, Tuesday at his Idumuje-Ugboko country home, Aniocha North local government area of the state, “Everybody in life has 20 options. Let me tell you that is asking me this, if you have a girl you want to marry and she disappoints you, what do you do? So, I have answered your question”, Nwoko responded to a Journalist question.

Mr. Nwoko who took a swipe at former governor James Ibori over certain comments said to have been credited to the former Delta state governor, stated “Ibori has his own opinion and you also know my own opinion about him. I will not stop him from campaigning for Nwaoboshi, the fact is that the people of Anioma knows what they want.

“Do they want a character that has been spoken about in such a negative manners by the Federal Government and subsequently, what happened in the last few weeks?. I believe that Ibori’s opinion appeals to a certain groups of people but they are a minority.

“I am looking forward to the general election. I am looking beyond primaries. The people of Anioma, will have their day to choose who they want. I want the people of Anioma to elect me, I don’t want to be imposed on them.

“I want to be the peoples’ senator, I want to be accountable to them, I want to be responsible to the people not to a few individuals who have made themselves some kind of demi-god”. Nwoko said.

The Delta North Senatorial hopeful, however disclosed that he has better understanding of things that are of great concern to his people, adding that he was motivated by his backgrounds as a lawyer, his education, upbringing and exposure, to gun for the red chamber.

“You can see this reflected in my manifesto, it contains these things that I am promising the people of Anioma, those things that I want to focus on and indeed the people of Nigeria because I am a national player.

“There are many unfinished businesses you will see there. For example, the issue of minimum wage bill. So, my concern are very well articulated here, many people live in abject poverty in Nigeria, so we must look at norms that will help them to come out from that.

“In my days in the House of Representatives, I sponsored a bill on minimum wage, secured the license for the Asaba airport and dualized the Asaba/Benin expressway. My priority will be to look at the minimum wage for everybody. I will be looking at the bill to help the disabled. I will take on the oil companies,

“I will make them to apply professional best practices that I know they are aware of but when it comes to Nigeria, they turn a blind eye because our leaders don’t push them to do what they should do. So, I will deal with it politically and legally, I know exactly what to do, I just need the support of the people”. Nwoko said.

While noting his contributions to the development and growth of the party from all levels, the notable politician expressed disappointment with the way and manner some party members think they owns the party than anyone.

“They are the only owner of the party, we say to them, it cannot be so. What we need is those who can reach out, appeal to the masses. The time for imposition has gone. The state governor Ifeanyi Okowa, has said it severally that there will be a level playing field for all aspirants.

“I am a honest person, those who knew well as a Nigerian will identify with me easily. I have been meeting with party official from the national to ward level, there is this desire for change and for a new PDP that has human face. So, I have no concerns as to how they will accept me or how I will behave as a senator.

“I will bring a new style and that is what the people want, somebody they can talk with, depend on, reach and trust and that is what I am all about. Some people think that you have to serve within the party to hold an office.”, Nwoko said.

“No it doesn’t have to be, the party should look outward for the best so as to make the party bigger and stronger and that is what I represent. I bring strength, love and a new face of humanity to the party.”


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