Anioma People Seek Ibori’s Blessing For Okowa’s Second Term-An Immoral Blunder That Should Be Frowned At


We find it rather unfortunate and appalling when it was recently reported that the people of Anioma in Delta State, are seeking for former Governor James Ibori’s blessing for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s Second Term in Office as Delta State Governor.

While we believe, there is absolutely nothing wrong if Governor Ifeanyi Okowa wants to seek for a Second Term in Office come 2019, but we consider it immoral, unpatriotic, unexemplary, encouraging the wrong ideals to our younger generation, for Governor Okowa’s kinsmen and their Monarch to be seeking for James Ibori’s blessing, who happens to be an ex-convict that was sent to prison in UK for overwhelmingly stealing public funds meant for Delta State’s collective development.

Are we saying that we have to start giving awards to convicted public thieves and accord them some recognition in the State’s future politics? Are we saying that without James Ibori’s so called ‘blessing’ or approval, serving and intending political leaders in Delta State will make no headway in the State’s politics? Are we legalizing this practice, where a known convicted public thief is still accorded political recognition and considered very important in the State’s political future?.

What exactly would we be teaching our younger generation when our kinsmen and Traditional Rulers/Monarchs appear not to be able to distinguish what is morally wrong from what is right. Na waoh! Though, we are not surprised that barely two years into his first term in Office, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has received commendation from one of his predecessors, James Ibori for a job well done and a chance to complete it.

However, it is even more sad that the Obi of Owa Kingdom and Chairman, Delta State Council of Traditional Rulers, Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor II, said the former governor’s endorsement of the incumbent was laudable. It is even more sad that Obi (Dr.) Efeizomor, actually led a delegation of Ndi Anioma to pay a courtesy visit to Ibori at Oghara, Ethiope West, where he appreciated the former governor’s disposition to advancing the political cause of the Anioma people. What a tragedy. What an absolute shame!.

This is the same Ibori who pleaded guilty in a UK Crown Court for stealing huge amounts of public funds meant for the development of his State. The same Ibori whose actions while as State Governor, has left a footprint of hardship and suffering that is still lingering today across the length and breadth of Delta State. That same Ibori, is the one every ignorant dick-and-harry have been singing his praises, running to seek for his supposed blessings and approval of who should be public office in Delta State future politicking.

Sometimes we wonder if something is really wrong with our people. Why should other world leaders not mock Nigeria as a “fantastically corrupt” nation where people have lost their sense of distinguishing what is right and what is wrong? What signal are we sending to others across the globe when we exhibit such display of shame and even be proud of it? What lessons are we teaching our future generations when we act like this? Do we really desire economic growth when we celebrate, give recognition and undue respect to those who stole our collective wealth? If Deltans actually want our State to develop like its counterpart in foreign western countries, then we must stop this nonsense and start condemning and “distancing ourselves” from political leaders who steal our collective public wealth.

That is the only way we can make them feel a bit remorse for the atrocities they have committed against the State, and also give them for repentance if they want to. The unrestrained looting of public wealth in this part of the country by political leaders is wicked, heartless, cruel and criminal in all ramifications. It is the reason why we are still having the underdevelopment of the State and the entire Niger Delta region. If we, as Niger Deltans keep ‘according such respect/recognition’, ‘celebrating’ and ‘singing praises’ of the likes of former Delta State Governor, James Ibori, who grossly looted public wealth (for his selfish use), meant for the development of the State, then we have no business ‘complaining about the underdevelopment of Delta State and the Niger Delta region.

If we continue to make people like James Ibori ‘relevant in Delta State politics’, then we seriously do not have the right to complain that Delta State has remained underdeveloped in spite of the riches surrounding it. It is as simple as that!

Zik Gbemre, JP.

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