Banker Panel Beats Wife For Watching “Zee World” While Child Feeds On Own Faeces


A 35 year-old housewife in Asaba, Mrs. Kate Umekobi got a beating of her and left with a swollen eye after her banker husband, Mr. Kenneth Umekobi brutalised her for abandoning her responsibility to their 11 months old baby who defecated and ate his own excreta while she watched “Zee World”, a popular Indian movie channel.

Neigbours had rushed into the couple’s two-bed room apartment to rescue Kate, after she cried out for help, as her husband beat her black and blue out of anger.

According to HardReporters sources, Kate, who bled from the mouth with a swollen left eye, was reportedly taken to a nearby chemist for first aid medical treatment.

HardReporters correspondent reliably learnt that, the angry and furious husband told neighbours that he returned to the house to meet his wife glued to the television, watching “Zee World”, and when he asked whereabout of their baby, his wife told him the child was sleeping.

“I came back to the house at about 7.45 pm, my wife was watching “Zee World”, she greeted me casually and continued her movie. When I noticed that our baby was not in the sitting room with her, I asked her the whereabout of the baby and she said, the baby was sleeping inside the room.

“So, I dashed inside the room to see my baby, only to meet my baby, who was supposed to be sleeping on the bed, on the floor of the room, swimming in his own excreta, and eating same. I was mad,” Umekobi said.


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