Delta APC Describes Gov. Okowa As Monumental Failure, Calls PDP Party Of Looters


Delta State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has described the governor Ifeanyi Okowa led administration as a monumental failure that has not fared well for the people of the state. APC remarks is coming barely few days after the celebration of two years in office of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

In a statement signed by the party’s state publicity secretary, Mr. Leonard Obibi, obtained by HardReporters, lamented what he called state of comatose of many health facilities in the state especially in the rural areas as well as abandonment of several magnificent tourist destinations in the state, adding that “Even the Delta State Oil Producing Areas’ Development Commission (DESOPADEC) that was set up to alleviate the sufferings of oil producing communities has failed to perform.”

According to the party, “The 18 years of the peoples democratic party (PDP), has been years of deprivation, massive wastages, unbridled embezzlement, looting of the commonwealth and non-stop squandering of our fortunes by numerous cabals of successive PDP-led governments in the state, the cabals have succeeded in imposing severe poverty on the land and continue to foist a state of hopelessness on Deltans.

The party said the Okowa led administration was quick to amend the laws setting DESOPADEC to create an avenue to hijack its finances in such a way that has enabled it to deny the oil producing communities of their God-given wealth.

“With many of the oil-producing communities in Delta State wailing and protesting over “resource control” and the lack of development, it is quite unfathomable how their own State Governor will be a“culprit” that is perpetuating agony and breeding poverty within. Most Deltans have become disillusioned by subsequent PDP-led administrations because they continue to function by that “share-the-money” mentality, and wastage of the people’s resources on frivolities.

“They fashion out so many white elephant projects and meaningless ventures that have no impact whatsoever on the lives of the people. This is why, with all the massive allocations to the State from the Federal Government and huge internally-generated revenues (IGR), it is hard to see any strategic developmental activitythat can create opportunities for real jobs and opportunity. Whatever the PDP-led government claims to have done is just a drop of water in the ocean compared with the trillions of Naira that the state has received into its coffers and more or less wasted since 1999.”

“It is against the above that APC is coming to the rescue; and our determination to rescue Delta State begins with you today. It comes with a sense of urgency, and no matter the challenges that may lie ahead, let us resolve to remain committed on this mission together. Instead of wallowing in pity and poverty, it is time for you to take responsibility. It is time to take your destiny in your own hands by doing the needful and joining the APC train.

“By so doing, we will together create a brighter future for our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our children and the future generation.It is time to begin the new journey to reclaim our destiny. The various PDP-led governments have over the years offered fanciful but hollow words and slogans. Empty slogans! Regime after regime, they release agenda after agenda that are full of promises and pledges, but with only a feeble effort and commitment to achieve them.

“Only yesteryears, it was some “3-Point agenda”; today, we hear of aso-called “SMART” agenda of Governor Okowa. This administration obviously has no serious overarching vision, and with two years gone at the helm of affairs, it is discernable that the Okowaslogan “SMART” truly reflects Shrewd, mean, appalling, reckless and terrible” development. It is just another PDP disaster in the making.

“This administration has continued to breed hopelessness in place of confidence, and has actually amplified poverty, which is the real hallmark of PDP, instead ofthe much-touted prosperity. We cannot remove the wastefulness and today’s evidence of corruption during the prior years of PDP, both at the federal and state levels, from this equation”. the party asserted.

The party, disclosed that majority of Deltans desire to put a stop to the existing hunger and thirst, noting that the cabals continue to stand in their way leaving the people hungry for proper accountability and the judicious use of their resources, adding that “Deltans are thirsty for good governance, and have been waiting for so many years for visionary development strategies and programmes that will create a platform for growth of epic proportions.”


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