Delta School Of Health Board Chairman, Ejakpovi Goes, “Childish, Petty”, On Social Media, Ridicules Former Isoko North Vice Chairman


Chairman, Governing Council, Delta State School of Health Technology, Ofuoma-Ughelli, Nelson Ejakpovi, on Saturday threw dignity and respect into the wind and went what people described as “childish and petty” following a ridiculous post made on his facebook verified account on an immediate past vice chairman of a council.

Our investigation has revealed that Mr. Ejakpovi who is a leader of Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), in Emevor, Isoko North local government council was actually referring to one Tony Odhe, a PDP member in the community, who was the vice chairman of the Isoko North local government area of the state as their relationship gone soured, arising from the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), primaries ahead of the state recently concluded January, 6, 2018 local government council polls.

The board chairman however ignored all pleas by persons to have the post brought down, describing it as too childish and petty and does not tell good of his person who the younger generation look up to as a mentor.

Mr. Ejakpovi, our correspondent reliably learnt has been having a running political battle with Mr. Odhe, who he said he used his political connections to make the vice chairman of the council but turned around to back stabbed him, adding that “It’s most shocking and sincerely unacceptable. This is an individual I brought from AD, blended into the stream of our great Party, of all he has become today is his ride on the back of us all and this Party, PDP. To outrightly move to attack this great institution of ours, it’s unacceptable! It’s a betrayal of the century!”.

In the ridiculous post entitled “Mr. Crude, how market?”, Mr. Ejakpovi wrote on his facebook account below:

“I saw you yesterday, Mr. Crude. Hahahahahaha, am having a good laugh. You led thugs that stole Unit 3 materials. You are still aggrieved that u didn’t succeed in becoming the Vice Chairman. You led uninformed nitwits to steal Unit 3 materials just because you wanted to mess up Dr. Nelson Ejakpovi who you erroneously see as the architect of your misfortunes. You have misfired again, Mr. Crude.

Mr. Crude, you took the money meant for PDP faithful as under the disguise that you were using the said sums for appease those who chartered away the materials for our favour. You agreed you were responsible for the thuggery. The money was released for you and the result later came out with APC having 500 votes and PDP 30. in conclusion, we financed the opposition.

Mr. Crude, you took your arrogance to an outlandish level. You wanted to fight Barr. Paul Emerhana. Haba, that was a risk too grave. I can assure you that over 100 boys in Emevor can die to protect Paul Emerhana. Paul is the face of our tomorrow and every single youth rally around him. While u dug your salary in a hole beyond your cubicle, Emerhana shares his like father Xmas. Emerhana is a strict adherent to the teachings of St. Vincent De Paul. It took the intervention of Leaders to save you from the hands of the rampaging youths who would have lynched you for daring to confront Paul. Let me rest my case there.

Mr. Crude, the youths hate you, the women hate you, the men hate you as well. You are too arrogant to lead. From AD to PDP, you have backstabbed every leader that has fought your cause. 2019 is close and we are watching what next you will do. You keep boasting that if not for Chief Duncan you would have dealt with me long ago. Hahahahaha. I laugh you in utethe. U never see anything. At the appropriate time, we will fight. The stage is set. Mr. Crude, hahahahaha.”

Emevor youths manhandling the former Vice Chairman, Mr. Odhe after he allegedly attacked one of his kinsmen, Paul Emerhana during the January, 6, 2018 council polls in Emevor.


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