Delta School Of Health Governing Council Chairman Condemns Hairdressing Kits, Motor Bikes Empowerment, Says 18 Years Of PDP Is Waste


The chairman, Governing Council, Delta State School of Health Technology, Ofuoma-Ughelli, Nelson Ejakpovi has condemned in strong terms, a situation where elected and appointed political office holders of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), distribute motor bikes, hairdressing kits, cassava grinding machines, sewing machines, barbing kits among others to electorates as empowerment tools.

Mr. Ejakpovi, who took to his facebook timeline on Sunday, noted that “Gift of motor bikes, cars, etc to jobless individuals amounts to slavery of a people to poverty. These items are liabilities and not assets. How much money can one save from taxi and bike riding to provide good education to ones kids, upkeep, medicals, on and on.” he queried.

According to the staunch member of the PDP, “True employment is teaching a man how to fish. This is achieved by provision of qualitative scholarship to our kids, employment of our teaming youths, establishment of profit driven infrastructure like industries, establishment of cooperative banks for our people, charity to indigent members of our community (compassion to one another).

“Trust me, brother! No one man is larger than a people, hence PDP has her slogan as, “Power To The People”. The Iroko tree is formidable, but can’t make a forest by itself. We should blame ourselves. Why?, GREED! The day we shun gifts of motor bikes, hair dressing kits, cassava grinding machines, etc as empowerment tools, that day will mark the start of progress.” Ejakpovi asserted.

Mr. Ejakpovi however noted that the last 18 years has been a waste, “Especially with respect to our community, (probably referring to his Emevor community), and we should all take the blamed. However, no time is late! Thank you!!.”

Meanwhile, in another development, the Governing Council, Delta State School of Health Technology, Ofuoma-Ughelli has banned sale of handout or any lecture material intended for commercialisation by lecturers to students of the institution.

Chairman of the Council, Nelson Ejakpovi at a meeting between the Governing Council and School Management with Heads of Departments and academic staff of the institution directed that any form of extortion, harassment of students would not be condoned.

“School of Health Technology has one of the most modern and best equipped e-library in the country and students should be encouraged to make use of the library; our lecturers should also, avail themselves of the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge with the library. Sales of handout, printed materials for sale, including sales of textbooks have been banned in the institution;

“If you are a lecturer and you author a book, don’t coerce students to buy, take it to reputable book stores outside the school and sell to the public; no one should force students to buy anything to attract marks. We are here to instill knowledge and that we must do for us to achieve the desired objectives of producing graduates that can compete favourably in the provision of middle-man power for our state and beyond,” Ejakpovi said.

Nelson Ejakpovi’s comment on his facebook timeline
Continuation of Ejakpovi’s facebook comment


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