Group Condemns Hovering Of Military Helicopter, Warns Military To Steer Clear Of Gbaramatu


Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, (IPDI), has condemned in strong terms the recent hovering of military helicopter in Oporoza, Gbaramatu kingdom of Delta state and warned the military to steer clear of the kingdom.

Reacting to the hovering of military helicopter, the National President of Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, (IPDI), Mr. Austin Ozobo, in a statement obtained by HardReporters noted that “We were greeted again with a rude shock the military visit to Oporoza, Gbaramatu kingdom, a visit that looks like a military invasion.”

According to the statement, “It is our warning that the marauding military personnel who never see sanctity in the lives of the aborigines of Niger Delta dwellers should steer clear from Gbaramatu Kingdom. We condemn Monday 25th June, 2017 unprovoked military invasion in Oporoza community. In no account such barbaric and obnoxious invasions should be launched against the sleeping Gbaramatu kingdom.

“Gbaramatu Kingdom has been peaceful, on what account the recent invasion where war aircrafts, heavy gun boats and war ships were deployed to cause unnecessary tension and panic among communities in the kingdom? We are sick and tired of these reckless and baseless invasions in Niger Delta, how could a reasonable government always resort to invading, killing and intimidation of its people?

“Is military invasion the panacea for peace in region? The recent invasion of Oporoza is capable of fanning the ember of acrimony and discord. We expect the military to be modest and adopt international best practices in dealing with its citizens in Niger Delta. The military and Nigerian government are treating aborigines of Niger Delta as conquered people or enemies of a waring country.” Ozobo stated.

While warning that the military invasion must stop “if we should live in peace and allows free flow of our oil to feed our poor brothers at the Northern part of the country.”, the group therefore called on the acting President, Yemi Osinbajo to call the military to order and avoid anything that could put the country under another recession.


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