“I no longer belong to any political party. I am now a father to all.”

What a powerful declaration! The statement was said to have been made by H.E. Chief James Ibori at Ohwelogbo, where he was hosted by the former Delta State SSG, Comrade Ovuozuorie Macaulay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the ceremony as I needed to address some compelling family issues.

I truly wish I was there to hear with my own ears. I had to call a few friends who were at the occasion to confirm the story. Behold, they all repeated the statement.

For purposes of clarification, or more appropriately, for those who may be in doubt, Chief James Ibori is (or should I now say was) the undisputed leader of PDP in Delta State. He was like the soul of the party; the cord that held all the diverse forces in the family together. I can speak authoritatively on this, having served as a local government chairman and his ALGON Chairman at the time, a commissioner, and a caucus member of Delta State PDP.

Anyone who is not in pretension about the political dynamics of Delta PDP knows that Chief Ibori’s exit from the party is like taking life out of the political family he had nurtured since 1999. I honestly doubt if some people have taken the time to deeply reflect on the implication of his statement.

Maybe they are still too dazed by the declaration to come to grip with the truth of the situation. For me, his exit from PDP is not only the biggest upset in the political history of Delta State, but also a bonanza or jackpot of sorts to the opposition parties in the state; that is if they know how to capitalize on it.

When a father publicly declares that he is no longer exclusively for his original family but now a father to the entire community, such family must know that the music has changed. For indeed, the resources, attention, influence, strength and assets of that father are now available to all who diligently seek his support.

Gone are the days his affection is taking for granted as the special preserve of his original family. In other words, the original family will no longer enjoy the advantage of his leading them to war, neither will they now be the only ones to place his banner in the vanguard of their battalion as they proceed to battle.

The story has changed. H.E. Chief James Ibori, the Odidigborigbo of the universe, the iroko of Delta pilitics is now a fountain from which all can draw strength and inspiration. The door is open for PDP, APC, APGA, ACCORD, name it. With Ibori’s Ohwelogbo declaration, it means his blessings and endorsement can tilt in any direction.

Especially as members of his original political family are now found in all the major political parties. Hmmm. What an interesting configuration!.

Some weeks ago, on this same page, I admonished those boasting about 2019 to tread with circumspection, because “familiar patterns may no longer be the key to the temple of power.” Looking back now at that my post and many other issues I had raised in the recent past I cannot help but wonder if I am truly turning to a political prophet.

But I will not speak much at this stage. Beneath the various postulations to the contrary, those with political insight know that an earthquake has occurred in Delta politics. I will carefully watch to see how these interesting events unfold. He that hath ear let him hear. The wise counts his teeth with his tongue. A sensible child disembowels the tiniest ant and sees the liver. May God keep us safe and healthy to witness the hour that cometh.

By: Felix Tony Nwaka.


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