HARD TALK: Endorsement Of Governor Okowa For Second Term A Mockery Of All Deltans


It appears Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has taken infrastructural development and upgrade seriously of late, hence he may be perceived to have started the process of cleaning the tag of mediocrity leveled against him by many observers of the activities of the state government.

The Asaba drainage super projects is an instance in hand which many Deltans begin to believe that the governor is gradually “Waking up”.

I nearly wept for my dear state when governor Okowa announced that additional 11 billion naira was needed after the project has initially consumed N11 billion and that a total of N30 billion was needed for the project. This is purely wickedness, I can recalled vividly that Federal Government and World Bank are co-sponsors of the project in all the South South states to control flood. It was not mentioned by the governor as an appreciation.

Look at Delta state, we were told the other day by the governor that the state has over N700 billion loan debt burden, we are just building a mere 18, 000 capacity stadium in Asaba, the state capital. We are just building a runaway for our Asaba airport. We are just attempting to construct drainages. We are just struggling to upgrade Delta Broadcasting Service in the state capital.

Presently, as we were told, Delta state is paying N2.4 billion monthly for servicing of our loans.

Those campaigning for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for a second term are the real enemies of Delta state. They saw poverty instead of prosperity, but still went ahead endorsing him for second term. All those endorsing Okowa for a second term are thieves, who either wants to get PDP tickets or appointment in second term.

A visit to Anambra, Lagos, Edo, Ebonyi and Akwa-Ibom states, you see what is called real government in action and you will feel ashamed that all the sloganeering about “Prosperity for All Deltans” “Delta Is In Safe Hands” “Smart Agenda” are nothing but deception, corruption and fraud.

The Okowa led administration has not lifted the standard of governance and Deltans are yet to feel it’s impacts on the human condition.

Multi-Billion naira roads are collapsing six months after commissioning.

Considering the billions of naira accrued to the state from the federal allocation, coupled with 13 percent derivatives, internal generated revenue (IGR), various loans of different classes and development aids from several international organisations, there is nothing absolutely to write home about Delta state. The state is disorganized and without a clear cut plan for its sustainable development. It has become so bad that Delta state now take a back seat whenever progress review on infrastructural development is been discussed.

In Delta state education is zero, employment is zero, health care system is zero, agriculture is story for the gods. Governor Okowa has succeeded in increasing tuition fees.

The political jobbers must leave this sycophancy and propaganda campaign, because it lacks honour and sincerity.

Base on the evaluation performance of the PDP led administration in Delta state , I Joseph Adimabua, make bold to say that governor Ifeanyi Okowa doesn’t deserve a second term except people oriented programs and infrastructural development are massively carried out within the remaining one year and two months.

Joseph Adimabua, writes in from Delta state.


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