HARD TALK: Enough Of The Recycling, The Isoko Youths Should Be Given The Chance To Lead


Isoko is endowed with young talented people who are doing great in their various fields, stemming from engineering down to sciences, arts, education, trading, agriculture, entertainment, fashion, banking just name, except politics. It is no longer news how the average Isoko youths lack political recognition.

The very few young people who are admitted into the corridors of political power today, are just there for formality because they are not part of decision and policy makers, rather they are tools been used by the so called political gladiators (The same old politicians from time immemorial).

While some of the said youths are being used as political thugs, others are used as errand boys and girls in the names of Personal Assistants, Legislative Aides, Special Assistant on this matter and that matter. But I am here to say that enough is enough.

Enough of recycling hence it is high time the Isoko youths stand up to their rights by taking their place in leadership, come 2019 let the old ones give way and the youths be given the mantle of leadership.

Let’s draw examples from western countries such as Europe, America and Asia, there is a paradigm shift, young leaders are emerging and providing resourceful and purposeful leadership. From Emmanuel Macron of France to Saleh Ali al-Sammad of Yemen not forgetting Vanessa D’Ambrosio of San Marino, Europe, for goodness sakes, she is just 29. Yet Africa is still lacking behind this has to stop come 2019.

Isoko Youths has the charisma, political prowess, dexterity, foresight and innovations to lead. This is because they are abreast with what is happening in and around the world. The fact that Isoko has been stagnated by virtue of recycled politicians is enough for us to cry for a change.

We can’t keep electing the same set of politicians and expect significant development (Its like doing same thing over and over again expecting different result). NOOO enough of the recycling let us give the Isoko youths a chance in the upcoming election to save us from this abject poverty and restore Isoko to light. God has blessed us with natural resources which we ought to be enjoying the dividends now.

The time is now for Isoko to be great again let us support our creative youths…. Is a good thing that our own Edafe Unuezi Oduh is willing to contest for the Isoko federal house of representative, we owe him our maximum support if not for anything let us test a youth with power. Lets give him the needed support because he has showed us what he can do when given the chance.

Considering his achievements and contributions to Isoko land. I believe and I know you believe he will do the unimaginable if we send him to represent us. Vote for a youth, Edafe Unuezi Oduh is the HOPE OF ISOKO YOUTHS. Unuezi for Federal House of Representatives 2019.

Let the elders play advisory and counseling role while the youths be in power because it is easier for a youth to meet an elder for advice and counseling.

Isoko will be great again.

GOD bless Isoko Nation


By Comrade Agwo Eloghene.


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