HARD TALK: Equity And Fairness Mold A Nation With Duality Features As The Unicorn Portends To Speed Progress


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The meaning of equity as defined by the oxford dictionary as the quality of being fair and impartial. This as a term in politics can not be overemphasized on its importance to nation building of multilingual, multicultural, diversity, in a democratic system of governance. So many questions must be transversing your minds on why am I traveling this path, but for posterity sake, it is a journey every Isoko son and daughter must embark on to correct the anomaly, flagrant abuse and monopoly of a mother’s breast milk meant for twin babies by a particular twin. It is pertinent we walk through memory lane to stop and correct future reoccurrences.

On the advent of our nascent democracy, the rotating seat of Isoko north and south federal constituency in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly which comprises of two local government areas meant to be occupied by constituents from the both local government areas respectively with HRM Hon Anthony Efekodha, presently the Ovie of Enhwe kingdom, who had the first turn during the dispensation of President Olusegun Obasanjo from 1999-2003.
HRM Hon Anthony Efekodha who had a good reputation as legislator of the federal republic of Nigeria representing the good people of Isoko ethnic nation in the Green Chamber during the period under review, exuded legislative prowess, outspoken, good command of English, articulation, effectiveness and good relationship with fellow legislators to push forth through lobbying, zonal intervention projects that had direct impact on the lives of the constituents in his constituency.

Despite being proactive, meticulous without lapses and a sheer display of legislative sagacity, Isoko nation still opted for a change in 2003 on the fact that equity is needed in a federal constituency comprising of two local government areas. The Isoko southerners being their brothers’ keeper, upholders and defenders of equity without any atom of ulterior motives, unanimously supported Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor, an Isoko northerner against their own, the then incumbent, HRM Hon Anthony Efekodha, an Enhwe indigene in Isoko south local government area to clinch the ticket and further extended same in the general elections which saw Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor becoming a federal legislator from 2003-2007.

Comparatively to his predecessor’s sagacity, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor performed below bar as he was still in the incubating process of law making subjected to the ‘I and Nay’ benchwarmers of lawmakers in the National Assembly just to collect their entitlements of a monthly allocation to recoup any penny expended during the elections which was not only detrimental to the growth and development of the federal constituency in general but the standard of living of the constituents in particular.

On completion of the Isoko northern tenure in the federal House of Representatives, Isoko north and south federal constituency from 2003-2007, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor came back home in pleas for a second tenure, knowing fully well he was a total disappointment, soliciting for the supports of his constituents most especially those of the south whose turn it was for the grabs for an improved representation, as he was still a neophyte in the legislative business. Being magnanimous like an elder who always look out for his younger one while dishing out his solemn support to ensure the younger one has his fill, the Isoko southerners subleted their chance of presenting their own to Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor who went on to represent the Isoko federal constituency in 2007-2011 and during this legislative window, his only benevolence in reciprocating the support enjoyed from his constituents over the years was empowering our mothers and fathers with farm tools such as hoes, sharpening files and cutlasses and our brothers with motorcycle otherwise known as “Okada”.

Having completed his subsequent second tenure from 2007-2011, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor, resurfaced again with his deceptive antics, saying it is the chance of Isoko north to send her representative and being an Isoko northerner, he should be given the mandate to go again to the Green Chamber to represent Isoko nation. Stating unequivocally, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor specious ways of returning to the National Assembly wasn’t unknown to his constituents but like a father who choses to keep blind eyes to the premeditated sharp practices of his child, Isoko southerners gave the nod. Successively, he rode through in same vein from 2007-2011 to 2011-2015 where he was able to empower very few of his aides with Corrolla XE tokunbo cars as the Majority Leader; on seeing cars been used as empowerment for constituents by Hon Essien Benjamin, the Eni of Isoko politics who changed the narratives and leading by example to the amazement of Isoko nation as a first timer in the Delta state house of assembly through the seat of Isoko south constituency 1.

Feeling like forever and forever gone away, it would be recalled that when 2015 came knocking, as we were about entering another electioneering calendar, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor knowing fully well his deceptive antics of dual citizenship would not work this time around fabricated a lie from the pit of hell of gunning for the speakership when the then President Goodluck Jonathan who was coming back for a second tenure is from same south-south region. How possible is it in a country with other geopolitical zones for a region to produce the President and the same time produce the Speaker of the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly in a multi regional nation like Nigeria operating a democratic system of government?

Be that as it may, he found his way back to the National Assembly as no one capable was ready to contend with him whilst the elite championed the course of his reelection to calm the stir in some quarters. Mid way into the legislative window, Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor was down with partial paralysis whilst being flown abroad for urgent medical care during which period, Isoko seat at the Green Chamber was padded by dusts.

On return, the self acclaimed “Mugabe”, haven been advised to relax at home to retain full recovery with an assurance from his constituents that they will not push for his recall, but should take it as a retirement package of service rendered either poor or fair. Not satisfied with this resolutions, the “Mugabe” went on to say if he isn’t fit enough for a return, he will anoint his younger brother as his successor; the seat of the Isoko north and south federal constituency which is subject to rotation between the two local government areas in the federal constituency of men and women who have distinguished themselves in all phases of life in and out of government, qualified enough to speed the progress of the constituency, has now been reduced to a hereditary stool for the Ogors alone; this is a slap on our faces, a fog casted over our sensibilities and a perennial curse upon our generation; we must collectively stop him.

Be that as it may for the umpteenth time, the “Mugabe” has thrown himself back into the ring of contest, forgoing his usual deceptive antics which is now archaic for a specious claim of being experienced in the business of legislation.
Isoko, are we that myopic that a man we have solely supported overtime now plays us like pawns in the game of chess?
Does is mean that if it is not Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor no other person can represent Isoko despite having a rich curriculum vitae and has practically distinguished in public service? There must be something kleptomaniac that has kept the federal constituency on its kneels which a coterie within the political sphere of Isoko nation has been entitled to against the collective progress of the federal constituency; we as constituents are not concerned about that but to pave way for fairness and equity through a man of impeccable character, exceptional quality to light speed progress of Isoko ethnic nation; an extraterrestrial human who has not only scintillatingly distinguished himself in public service but also raised the bar of assessment in Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, (DBIR), which now serves as a metric system in quantifying revenue generation in delta state.

Compulsorily like a clarion call, we must not be divided on this course of light speeding progress of Isoko nation by enthroning Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas who has more than what it takes to represent us effectively and deposing the self styled “Mugabe” who has adamantly refused to move to the bigger picture while giving room to equity and fairness for overall development of our federal constituency. We must stand to balance the lever by making our votes count for Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas come 2019 as anything short of that will be an irrecoverable, counterproductive, uncorrectable mistake which will hunt us for the rest of our lives.


Oviri Kelvin Ozed is the Media Director, Isoko North, Joel Onowakpo Thomas House Of Representatives Campaign Organization and Campaign Council


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