HARD TALK: History Is About To Be Made By A Rare Gem As You JOT It Down


The renowned Steve Jobs said, “you have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”

It is no longer startling to the ears that a man of impeccable, charismatic, innate and unrivaled qualities with a robust curriculum vitae whose growth in life has been a subject of hard work rumbling in brilliance and excellence has stepped in unhindered through abundance of divine grace to savage the precarious state Isoko north and south federal constituency is being ravaged with.

First and foremost, I state unequivocally that Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas anticipation of leading the Isoko nation development in all fronts through first class and top notched representation at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly is borne out the passion of selfless service to humanity, quality representation whilst impacting the dividends of democracy on every constituents in his federal constituency and Isoko nation at large.

You can not agree less that the growth of the constituency due to lack of adequate capacity has been snail walking and as such redundantly affecting the constituents. The seat of Federal House of Representatives, HoR despite being limited to law making, appropriation, and oversight function which has been the capacity of the incumbent Isoko federal lawmaker is above the listing, no wonder we are still to get our youths enlisted in the non-violent phase of the amnesty program, upgrade of Delta state polytechnic, Ozoro to a federal polytechnic and many more which are floating on the realms of unachievable dreams.

Redefining the system to speed progress for the collective benefit of every Isoko federal constituents without recourse to siphoning our collective hereditament, Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas at present can best be tagged as a ticking time bomb of vast developmental ideas soon to explode to the astonishment of Isoko nation. This is not a mere exaggeration to hoodwink you into declaring your collective solemn supports but his records which every deltan is privy to at the Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, DBIR which propagated his promotion to the federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS in charge of three (3) states speak volume to the amazement of Isoko ethnic neighbours who wished this rare gem was from their ethnic extraction.

Haven travelled far and wide to explore on the necessitated benefits of governance through the second tier of government and the timely hidden opportunities only a visionary representative with the in depth knowledge borne out of solemn service to humanity as a do-gooder can harness, which has always slipped through our fingers without being tapped, Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas who is a goal getter has decided to step in for you, I and the nationality to swiftly ‘Speed Progress’ through refined legislation prowess with unlimited contacts as an added impetus

The opportunities before our nationality through the template to be set by Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas in the HoR is golden and must not be traded away in exchange for funds from our collective patrimony or otherwise as the developmental strides of our ethnic nation is paramount. We must not be left out on this part of history to be made which will be of positive effect to our generation as a insurmountable standard in legislation is about to set whilst serving as a Standard Unit of Measurement, SI Unit in grading legislative performances in Nigeria.


By Oviri Kelvin Ozed


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