HARD TALK: OMO-AGEGE: An Epitome Of Childish Political Goofs And Missteps


Senator Omo-Agege is rapidly beginning to lose popularity and respect in the political space due to his unbecoming carriage.

As the highest serving political office holder in Delta APC, one would have expected that he should ordinarily leverage on his privileged position to better the lot of his party.

However, rather than unite,build and motivate, he has become more an albatross destroying in a party where his ascendancy is attributable mainly to the benevolence of others that laboured where he is reaping today.

Some hours ago, I read that Senator Omo- Agege was at Okpe LGA at the weekend doling out about N7. 1million to some 355 petty market women.

From a simple statistical analysis, each of the women may have received less than 20 thousands; a sum which cannot purchase them a bag of rice in this Buhari’s Economy talk less of allowing them the luxury of setting up any sustainable business whether as so- called petty entrepreneurs or breadwinners.

Anyway, had Senator Omo-Agege dwelt only on his charade of Empowerment ( dubiously coined ‘ A ‘Thank You Visit) instead of inappropriately turning the event into a campaign ground to market unsellable elements like himself, Chief Ogboru and President Buhari, while at the same time insulting and spewing vile on the workaholic Gov Okowa, most observers would have let it pass as one of his usual infantile activities.

Furthermore, had Omo-Agege chosen in his self-styled bellicism to just coerce or ride on the naivety, illiteracy or economic helplessness of the beneficiaries of his Greek Gift without attempting to under- play the enviable achievements of the Gov Ifeanyi Okowa-led Administration, his cheeky manipulation and deceit of his Constituents would have been waved aside temporarily for an opportune time.

However, Senator Omo- Agege must show who he is at every turn- that inexperienced politician who, just as his blabs on the reordered Election Timetable show, must continue to embarrass himself especially when he wishes to effusively demonstrate his loyalty to his heroes of Buhari and Chief Ogboru.

All the same, that stale, drab and rehashed story of a non- performing Gov Okowa can only make sense to the likes of Omo- Agege who are clutching desperately to the ebbing and sagging Buhari euphoria and mystic.

Coincidentally and thankfully, Senator Omo- Agege’s caricature of Empowerment took place within the period that Gov Okowa was concluding a very successful round of town hall meetings and commissioning of laudable projects across the State. The Governor is even about beginning another round or tranche this week.

It is therefore surprising that Senator Omo- Agege would choose to feign such petty ignorance in relation to the fact that at this period, Deltans in all communities of the three Senatorial Districts had trooped out enmass to appreciate Gov Okowa for fulfilling his promises of giving them befitting projects and further empowering their youths towards becoming enviable entrepreneurs, employers and wealth creators through the various SMART Agenda programmes like YAGEP, STEP etc.

Senator Omo-Agege may further now choose to equally remain peevish or blind to the avalanche of unsolicited, unbiased, well- researched and deserving awards from both National and International Bodies and Agencies like the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria and the World Bank which all placed Delta State in the league of States with commendable economic, agricultural, human and industrial, capital and infrastructural blueprints and achievements. That is his cup of tea.

In conclusion, my candid advice to Senator Omo-Agege is simple.

Senator Omo-Agege should worry more on how to market the duo of himself and Chief Ogboru.

For him particularly, his return to the Senate is appearing a pipe dream already; no thanks to the formidable Chief Emerhor faction that is fully prepared to withdraw such unearned political benevolence extended to him before the discovery of his divisive and pompous personae.

As for Chief Ogboru, the serial guber contestant, Senator Omo-Agege should have understood by now that the generally accepted and equitable sharing formula which now favours Delta North will among other things, ensure that Chief Ogboru is never given the Gubernatorial ticket in Delta APC.

More so, Deltans are already tired of a man of whom it is widely alleged that the only usual beneficiary of his little political goodwill in every political dispensation is always his dying business empire.

God bless Delta State.

Olomu Onyiye, writes in from Delta State.


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