HARD TALK: REVEALED: Ogboru’s Selfish Game Plan Against Opposition Forces In Delta State


When Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru joined APC with other political big-wigs, there was hope in the APC that the entire opposition family in Delta State has finally come together and will position to take over the governorship from PDP. But as 2019 draws nearer, it is getting clearer that all opposition leaders that joined APC have chosen to fuse with the party, except the Ogboru bloc. This whole idea is part of a general strategy by Ogboru to ensure that he does not lose out personally during this election season, more so when there is no party he can control by himself. Ogboru has analyzed this and has a clear understanding of his risks. He has been operating with this in mind and developed a twisted 5-point game-plan, as was recently revealed by one of his close, but angry supporter, who fears losing out on everything because of Ogboru’s personal interests and a focus by him on his interests alone.

Ogboru has never been swayed to fuse his group into the APC. It will always remain his personal negotiating tool for his personal benefit (today it is Light of APC, but formerly Light of Labour, formerly members of Labour Party, and also as former members of DPP). This bloc has reduced in size and significance but it is still his only negotiating chip, so he has not allowed it to fuse into APC as other joiners who are more convinced that Delta State leadership needs to change hands did.

Try to gain top influence in APC by taking over control of the “weak” party structure as he himself then believed. Of course, an attempt was made with the support of party stalwart, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, and other collaborators but it eventually failed and vanished into thin air with Court Order. Once failed, move to game-plan no.

Pretend to be fused with APC in the state by staying attached, but still separate. This is to help Ogboru gain access to APC National and State, but with his so-called personal bloc intact. It is made possible with the help of Senator Omo-Agege’s position and influence. A reminder is Ogboru’s refusal to allow his bloc to join APC Committees that were constituted or even close ranks and openly work together with others during LGA elections. And during the election, Ogboru cleverly chose to “travel out”, as they say, to avoid being drawn in. It is important to note that the recent calls and invitations to Orogun and Abraka are part of and an extension of the same failed attempt to take over party structure. It is put into operation using the attaché strategy, and disbursement of some bucks. After all, you can buy some people’s conscience.

Primaries competition is tough and uncertain, so leave a back door open. If he is unable to clinch APC ticket, then he can leave the APC through the back door that he has left open. The idea is to use his bloc, that he has strategically not allowed to fuse into APC, to negotiate with any other party. A 3-way race will only benefit PDP.

Ogboru is very aware that if he loses the APC ticket, he would leave APC and this could reduce, but it would not terminate the chances of the opposition taking over Delta State. It depends on how Delta APC plays the game. But that may not bother him. All that matters is that he has to gain. The opposition will have to deal with their own problems, and it won’t be the first time. At the least, he will be free to negotiate with others, even the PDP with deep pocket of money, because PDP will be more assured to win if Ogboru could agree and help to split the opposition votes to their benefit. This is the reason why Ogboru-style politics has always been dangerous to the opposition family. He is in politics to gain for himself, and itoes not matter if his followers lose out.

For Delta APC and all its teeming followers, but especially the official leadership that Ogboru and others made frantic efforts to remove, they ought to know that this is the best time for APC to set Ogboru free unless he keys into the opposition family fully and allow his bloc to fuse in, knowing that till now he has no true desire to fuse with the party. This way, APC being the only major opposition in the state knows what kind of battle is ahead and it can prepare better; instead of pretending to rely on Ogboru who, in fact and truth, is not reliable.

For Senator Omo-Agege, his umbilical cord with Ogboru could alter his chances because 2019 is not 2015. If Ogboru loses APC ticket, he would surely leave to contest under a new platform. I will pity the opposition in Delta, but I pity more both the Senator and Ogboru’s followers who are even more at risk. APC is a lot stronger now, however it may not be strong enough if it is fractionated, except it decides to put its house in order in good time. Looking at the LGA elections, the strength of APC now, unlike in 2015, would definitely shift votes; and if Senator is not careful, he may find himself in a new party with Ogboru for whatever reasons, but especially if he loses APC ticket. Like is said, nothing is constant in politics. He ought to play the game for his political self-interest. There is still time to see if he would allow himself to make silly mistakes.

For Ogboru’s followers, they might find a way to secure some benefits for themselves if APC retains the federal government and if they remain in APC, but if they choose to follow Ogboru into a dark and unknown wilderness, Ogboru would gain while they loose everything. Ogboru himself knows that with APC divided, he does not stand even a 1% chance of winning against the APC and PDP as opponents in 2019 governorship election.

For Ogboru, he has played his game very smart for himself, and in a way that whether he wins or loses APC ticket, there is still plenty of room for him to manoeuvre. He will still be able to contest in another party with his bloc of followers available to him to use to trade. And if he loses the 2019 contest, he will just pick his “loaded” bags, subject to how well he is able to negotiate for himself, and fly back to Lagos to await a new election season in 2023. Where possible, he will again try to use this same so-called bloc to ‘trade’ again in the guise of contesting for governorship and some mega-bucks will flow, win or loose. After all, politics is just a game of personal interests and if you play it right, you can make some real cool bucks.

Lastly and finally for Deltans, if only for the sake of the masses and downtrodden people of Delta State that have suffered and continue to agonize under the PDP government, let all that are involved in this matter and who have ears to hear listen to this ‘old voice of wisdom’ and make their ways straight. This includes APC Delta as a whole, Senator Omo-Agege and Ogboru himself.


If Ogboru is not ready to fuse his bloc into the APC family now, and give a clear and distinct directive to that effect, then it is evidence that he is in this race to make life better for himself alone and not the party nor Deltans. It will be final proof that his being called the PEOPLES GENERAL’ all along was a political ploy; not about the promises to make life better for Deltans; not even about his ardent followers that have stuck with him for so many years; it will be final proof that it is all about nobody but himself alone. The signs have been there for years, but this will be the final confirmation. It is now up to Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru to prove this writer wrong and prove his uprightness to APC and to Deltas. This is his choice to make. If by his own ‘smart’ calculations, he decides notnot to act now, then for the sake of Deltans, the Delta APC must act. It must take the bull by the horns by going to APC National to make a strong case with all of the above to eject him from the party before it is too late. And if Delta APC does not heed this lone but concerned voice, then APC as an opposition in Delta State has itself to blame. It can kiss 2019 general election goodbye, while Ogboru and PDP will continue to sing HALLELUJAH to the banks, leaving the people stranded. This is not the wish of APC; and this is not the wish of the Deltans.


If so, Delta APC must act now, with a combined and firm resolve before it is too late.

By Lancelot Abanum


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