House Of Reps Speaker Slammed With 21 Day Ultimatum To Declare Ailing Minority Leader, Ogor’s Seat Vacant


The Speaker of House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has been slammed with a 21 day ultimatum to immediately declare the seat of the ailing member representing Isoko Federal constituency and the minority leader, Leo Ogor vacant for absence from plenary for over six months.

In a statement issued by a section of the constituents under the auspices of “Isoko Restoration Order”, (IRO), signed by its National Coordinator, Jim Ebejoko and three others, Okeoghene Ewhoma, Darlington Akpovoka, and Emmanuel Omamode, mailed to HardReporters, notified the House of Representatives speaker that “Our representatives and Minority leader, Hon. Leo Ogor, is seriously ill for the past six months and incapacitated in far away overseas.”

“IRO is made up of Isoko indigenes from different political parties, we stand for the truth, justice and growth of Isoko nation. we have given a 21 day ultimatum to the Speaker of House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Yakubu Dogara to declare Hon. Leo Ogor’s seat vacant to allow Independent National Electoral Commission INEC conduct a bye-election. We have it on good authority that our representative is seriously sick, battling with paralysis and from all indication cannot continue to function in office.

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The constituents while calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) to conduct a bye-election, following the inability of the ailing minority leader, Mr. Ogor, to represent them in the house, noted that the federal lawmaker can no longer represent the people of Isoko in the National Assembly.

According to the statement which read in parts, noted that the period of Ogor’s absence is more than enough to call for his resignation or the process of his recall.

“We the Isoko indigenes have exhausted our patience and demanded that the unoccupied seat of the ailing minority leader, Hon. Leo Ogor be immediately declared vacant by the Speaker of House of Representatives. Dogara has compromised his integrity, he has deliberately and continued to deprive Isoko people a voice and representation in the National Assembly by refusing to declare the seat of Hon. Leo Ogor vacant to enable him treat himself properly.

“It is interesting to mention that Isoko indigenes in PDP, APC, Labour Party and others are on same page calling for the seat to be declared vacant. Isoko nation cannot be held hostage and denied representation in the House of Representatives and that is much reason the Speaker must declare the seat vacant now or have the Isoko nation to contend with because failure to adhere strictly, we shall initiate a legal action against him and the house.

“Dogara must do the needful and act now and should play politics with the unoccupied seat of Hon Leo Ogor in the House of Representatives, the Speaker must declare the seat vacant now after over six months of Leo Ogor’s absence in the House. Anybody can be sick, its human, but the situation with our brother, Leo Ogor should not be politicised by the leadership of House of Representatives.

“It is now obvious that Leo Ogor cannot talk or walk making it difficult to function, the Isoko nation want a replacement to have a representation in the House of Representatives especially this critical period of the country. The Speaker must immediately declare the seat vacant and allow the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to conduct a bye-election without further delay.

“If Leo Ogor truly loves Isoko nation, as he claimed, then he should resign now, his action for refusing to resign is against the collective interests and growth of Isoko nation, and Ogor’s continued absence from the House is shortchanging Isoko nation. Leo Ogor has lost the confidence of Isoko people, his representation has not added any value to the growth and socio-economic development of Isoko nation over the years spent in the House of Representatives.


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