Joel-Onowakpo Inaugurates Campaign Organisation, Promises More Better Representation


The All Progressives Congress, (APC), Isoko federal house of Representatives candidate, Joel Onowakpo Thomas (JOT), has inaugurated his campaign council and committee in readiness of campaigns for the 2019 general elections.

Inaugurating the campaign council and committee, Thursday at Oleh, headquarters of Isoko South local government area of Delta state, the former Coordinator, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), in charge of Delta, Edo and Rivers States, promised a more better representation at the national Assembly, even as he tasked all members of his newly inaugurated campaign council and committee, to go to their various wards and constitute the various unit Excos and kick off with campaign immediately as there is no more time to waste.

“Remember, for us to win this election, we need everybody especially the PDP people who are sympathetic to us. Kindly appeal to them and carry everyone along. Our campaign is very simple, go about telling people about things we will do and not to attack individuals. I am offering to be an effective representative of the Isoko ethnic nationality by being a bridge between the Isoko people and the federal, State government.”

The former chairman, Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, admonished his supporters and members of his campaign organisation to carry out issue based campaign devoid of hate speeches and maligning of opponents.

“My campaign should be anchored on the following; youth empowerment, infrastructural development which will include the completion of the Isoko ring road, the completion of the 132KVA step down in Ozoro, creation and completion of many more roads. Moving NDDC and other agencies of government from merely renovation of classroom to construction and implementation of major projects. Take this as my social contact with the Isoko people: I will not be a contractor and a legislator at the same time.”

In his speech, chairman, Joel-Onowakpo Thomas (JOT), campaign council, John Araka, a seasoned journalist and former Editor of Daily Times newspaper, said, “sixteen years generously granted the current occupant of the seat should not be mistaken as a sign of docility in the heart of Isoko people. A rude shock awaits those insulting the sensibilities of a generous people, who are now set to resist and end their warped Isoko for sale’ mindset once and for all”.

In his brief speech, the Director General of the campaign organisation, Silas Bouwe, called on the people of Isoko land to take their destinies in their own hands and liberate themselves from the throes of underdevelopment foisted on them by the retrogressive “sit tight syndrome” as exhibited by the present occupant of the seat.

“This movement is not about me but about the very soul of Isoko nation, to restore our land to the ancient land marks and proper way of doing things by living and let others live. We must regain that lost respect and leave the stage for others when the ovation is loudest and not seek to perpetuate ourselves in office, when we are aware that there is no dearth of capable hands to groom as political successors.”, Bouwe stated.

Also speaking at the inauguration, son of the traditional ruler of Oleh Kingdom and member the People Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Anthony Ovrawah, issued a quit notice to the present occupant of the Isoko federal house of Representatives, Mr. Leo Ogor.

“Our group with thousands of members across Nigeria and abroad, believes in the pan Isoko candidature of Joel-Onowakpo. In exercising the powers conferred on me, I am here to deliver a goodwill message that cut across PDP faithful of Isoko nation, home and abroad that the emergence of Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas as the flagbearer of APC for Isoko Federal House of Representatives has rekindled hope of robust and genuine representation at the National Assembly come 2019.”

Prince Ovrawah who doubled as Chairman, Election Beyond Party Line noted further that “Be that as it may, we in the PDP, the like-minds of my type, have henceforth rejected and disowned Hon. Leo Ogor as his emergence as the flagbearer of our party, PDP has made it look like a mockery, foolery, and insult to sensibility of Isoko nation and people”.

Several person who spoke during the inauguration, described the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Isoko federal house of Representatives candidate, Joel Onowakpo Thomas (JOT), as a man God sent to emancipate the Isoko nation of sixteen years of slavery by the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), and vowed to deliver the APC house of Representatives candidate come 2019 general elections.

High points of the inauguration was the donation of a Toyota Sienna bus for electioneering campaign purpose by Mr. Eddy Macaulay, a co contestant in the recently held APC House of Representatives primaries election as mark of sportsmanship.


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