Why We Are Scared Of Marriage–Aneke Twins


Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke popularly known as Aneke Twins are popular faces in Nollywood movies. Endowed with chocolate skin and rolling eyeballs, the Anekes have striking resemblance that would mesmerise anyone. The   ladies are delectable, and gifted with dress sense and carriage. Already, many people are looking forward to the day wedding  bells will toll for the twins. Proudly however, they would tell you they are taking their time.

According to the sexy babes, a failed courtship is better than a failed marriage’. Their assertion was based on the fact that their  mother did not divorce their father. “Until we lost our father, our mum was faithful to him. So, we want to emulate her good virtues by having a successful  marriage”.

The  Enugu-born actresses cum producers also envisioned the Aneke Twins Foundation; an NGO that has brought succour to many less privileged people. In this interview with Effects, the twins spoke on their current work, lifestyle, marriage and the unresolved riddle of who is older between them.

What are you working on? 

Chidiebere: We have released Queen of the Heart and  Onochie will soon hit the market. We also plan to premiere our movie entitled Back to Basis which  touches on the need for, and importance of education in our society. ‘Knowledge is imperative in one’s life, because where there is lack of knowledge, failure is bound to override success’. The production of that movie was made possible through support from Nollywood Project Act, an initiative of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. We have the likes of Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) Maria, a Gambian who lives in London among other casts.

It has been a while, you girls are looking good, what are you doing in Abuja?

Thanks! All glory must be ascribed to God almighty Exodus 17. God promised us that when we serve him in truth and in spirit, He will take sicknesses away from us and He will bless the works of our hands. So, serving and believing in God has keeps us going. We are in Abuja for the registration of Aneke Twins Foundation. We have been operating with the name for many years, but we registered it recently. We have been involved in humanitarian works; giving succour to the less privileged, especially on our birthday in August.

Who are the lucky men after your hearts?

Marriage is sacred! It is better for me to break courtship than marriage. Our mother didn’t divorce her husband until we lost our father. So, we want to emulate her good virtues of living a peaceful and lovable life with our husbands. Honestly, we need to understand the purpose of marriage which includes love, friendship, patience, trust and tolerance. Some marriages break because the couples don’t see their partners as friends and soul mates. Couples should treat their spouses like their fresh and blood. Sincerely, if you truly love someone you would hardly hurt that fellow. But our society of today celebrates divorce more than marriage. It’s not about wealth or look, but it takes a lot of commitment to stay married.

Are you saying that suitors are not coming? 

Chidinma: Our Bible makes us to understand that before we were formed in our mother’s womb, God has sanctified and ordained us prophets. So, the day I will get married is ordained by God. If I’m not married now, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get married. Besides,  the Bible also says ‘he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. So, my man will find me at the right time. Suitors come but after praying and God showed us a sign, we wouldn’t go before of our God to avoid future regrets. Some marriages have broken up because the women hope to change a man who has not grown from a boy. How can that be possible? So, it is advisable to marry your friend, not a stranger. We desire to marry the men after our hearts. A man who is God-fearing, hardworking and kind.

Tell us about your family and the lessons you have learnt from your mother? 

Chidinma: My mum is doing great and our siblings are fine. We are five children in the family and we are the last born.

Could you share the bond that exist between you and your mum, more especially, raising you as a single mother since your father died?

Chidiebere: My mother remains our pillar of success and Almighty God, our provider. She is a very peaceful woman. Whenever we quarreled, she settled our disputes. Most importantly, she is very prayerful. She strongly believes in the efficacy of prayers to live a sustainable life. In fact, she is down-to-earth, neat and lovable person. Our mother led us to God. She would always remind us of the need to stay away from evil acts. We are dedicated Christians; all thanks to our mother.

As identical twins who is older?

Chidiebere: Chidinma is my younger sister.  I am older technically. I’m 7 minutes older, you can ask our mother.

Chidinma: Who is your younger sister? Don’t mind her, our mother couldn’t differentiate us at birth.

Both of you wear weaves with your natural hair, are you trying to create a brand or it’s just a fashion statement? 

Chidinma: We braid our hair ourselves. My sister braids mine, while I braid her hair. But, we make our wig ourselves.  We don’t wear or follow trends which include our outfits. We wear what fits us and as an African, we love to look natural on weaving.

Chidiebere: My sister covered her hair with wig, while I rock my braid from Enugu to Abuja. We learnt hair-making while in secondary to support our mother who was involved in beauty business.

Are  there fashion items you can’t do without? 

Chidiebere: We are not crazy about fashion. I can go out without makeup. As you can see, we are not wearing makeup. Are we not looking good?

What does style mean to you? 

Chidiebere: It means inner beauty. Fashion is not about what you wear or your facial looks. You know that there are people with beautiful faces, but have wicked hearts.

Chidinma: It’s my way of life!

What’s the toughest experience you’ve ever had?

Chidinma: Honestly, we consider every experience as a stepping stone to success.

What is the secret of your success?

Chidiebere: There is nothing hidden about how we climbed the ladder of success, because anyone with God is in the majority. We don’t depend on human beings to attain destiny, but on He who created us, direct our paths to accomplishing our destiny.

What has life taught you?

Chidinma: We have learnt to face life with ease, regardless of the challenges. It is dangerous to be in a rush, because one may end up in misery. As individuals we need to be patient, hardworking and above all, fear and love God by obeying his commandments in order to live everlasting life.

Where is your favourite holiday spot?

Chidiebere: Nigeria is our favourite holiday spot. Is it because people love traveling abroad for holidays? Do you know that we have virtually all we pay hard currency to enjoy abroad? If you want to see gorilla, there is gorilla  is Nigeria (laughter) We have our delicacies but we like foreign products. That is why they are currently feeding us with rubber rice.

Chidinma: Honestly, Nigeria is the best place to be! You can’t compare the taste of our Abakalaki rice with foreign rice now.

How best do you like to look on red carpet?

Chidiebere: We wear made in Nigeria dresses on every occasion, not only for red carpets. Surprisingly, on red carpets people are amazed when they learnt that our dresses were made in Nigeria by Annecouture and afam elite designs. We have some nice made in Aba shoes. See! The slippers we are wearing is made in Aba. Are they not beautiful? You wouldn’t believe that until you see the label.

Chidinma: Honestly, we love wearing designers’ shoes but because we hardly get our sizes and designs, made in Aba sometimes comes handy. Sometimes, we face challenges of people buying the wrong designs or sizes, since we can’t go shopping in the market, because of the way our fans treat us whenever we shop.

Is there anything you believe you haven’t achieved in life? 

Chidiebere: We are contented with our level of growth. In life, you don’t have to struggle to be like another person. Instead, we should live our lives to the glory of God and await His wind of glory. There are wealthy people who are not healthy. Why would anyone bother to kill himself or herself because of worldly things. Honestly, we don’t buy clothes or material things on credit.

What is your take on indecent dressing?

Chidinma: We wear bum shorts, but you would hardly see us display our cleavages. However, it’s not about what you are wearing, but the motive behind it is what God judges.

The Sun.


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