HARD TALK: Joel-Onowakpo And Uduaghan Defection: When A Messenger Makes Way For the King And His Disciples


The political system in Delta State has totally been altered by the wave of defection that had bedevilled the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) lately in favour of the only formidable opposition Party in Delta State, the All Progressives Congress (APC). Though some commentators have a contrary argument, it is noteworthy that the choice of leaders who were hitherto seeking refuge under the “Umbrella” but have now realigned with the “Broom” family, are highly loved in some quarters due to some unbeatable qualities and performance that they have displayed yesterday.

The emergence of Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, who is widely accepted across political divides for his humanitarian services, meekness and sincerity of purpose, in the APC and his declaration for the House of Representatives in Isoko federal constituency has since turned around the political climate of Isoko nation. While the Broom family is firmly standing with him, many others have jettisoned political affiliation to follow their conviction and conscience. From all indications, the stage is set for a “Change”.

In a complimentary manner, the immediate past Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, who is known for his people oriented policies, security assurance, accessibility and down to earth nature, has also walked into the APC majestically and a further damage was done to the PDP. Some critics are arguing that Dr. Uduaghan has no electoral value. While we leave time to decide that, it is an open secret that Emmanuel Uduaghan has some large fanatic followers, who are not willing to sacrifice years of profitable followership and friendship on the alter of partisan politics. What this connotes is that many will still defect and those that will not defect will never trust the umbrella for protection again.

The bold defection step taken by Joel-Onowakpo Thomas was legendary and prophetic. He moved when the coast was not clear yet for others to join the swelling broom family. Onowakpo summoned courage, damned the consequences (if there was any), looked directly into the eyes of the terrifying powers-that-be in the PDP and said, “I will depart from this slavery and throw the gates open for the revolution that shall end this reign of terror and anarchy in our land. Never again shall Isoko be subjected to the dictate of few political godfathers, who think it is their birthright to lord over the people for their own ferocious and nefarious interest.” Yes, Joel-Onowakpo Thomas left the PDP and the camp never remained the same.

His courageous decision broke the chains of bondage and the yoke of godfatherism. The camp of the Philistines, who have always taken pleasure in oppressing the people, was thrown in disarray by a timed bomb that was nortured and groomed within their highest ranks. Like the Holy Book puts it in Malachi 3, calamity struck as Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, THE MESSENGER, departed from PDP to prepare the way for the coming of the King and his large followers in APC. Of course, the “Kingdom of the Progressives” became more closer in Delta State than was envisaged.

Then came the King (Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan) of the “Progressives Kingdom” in the State, preaching a message of security assurance, infrastructural developments, genuineness of governance, social empowerment and advancement of Delta State and Niger Delta in an episode he titled “Moving On To The Bigger Playing Field” and what I described as “The Bigger Picture”. The message dozed down tension and like never before, thousands of doubters became convinced for conversion and together with his fanatic believers, they all shall be baptised into the kingdom of the progressives; a move that shall mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one in Delta State.

When those days are finally here, the camp of the Philistines will be brought to desolation and the deceptive “Umbrella” that has given it coverage over the changing powers of the sun and rain shall be torn to pieces. Then, all the children of that union will scatter abroad because judgement would have begun.

Woe to any man that hardened his heart and wait for the destructive judgement of those days. For this is a grace period, opened to all that are willing to subject themselves to the force of the Messenger, our own John the Baptist, Joel-Onowakpo Thomas and the reassuring message of hope of the current King of Delta Progressives, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan because the days of judgement are near!!!

Mc Paul writes from Delta State.


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