Delta Former Deputy Governor, Elue’s Son Defects To APC, Berates Okowa’s SMART Agenda


Adamabua Ifesoyen Elue, son to Delta state former deputy governor, Benjamin Elue, has defected from the Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC), citing high-handedness, impunity and failure to carry members along among others as his reasons for abandoning the PDP.

Elue’s son who defected during the official flag-off of the Aniocha North APC and handing over of party flags to the chairmanship and councillorship candidates of the party at Issele-Uku, headquarters of council ahead of the January 6, 2018 local government polls, berated the governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s SMART Agenda mantra, saying it will not work.

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“My defection was informed by search for change which is a constant fixture of life, if they don’t change, it becomes stagnant and it turns into a sack or stagnant water and it raises a lot of mosquitoes. In every man’s life, you need a vehicle or a platform to be able to actualize what you have in your mind. The change mantra which I yearned for was lacking in the PDP in the past 15 years.

“I found out that it is not only impunity that they talk about in PDP, it is the element of not realizing that the next man who aspired with you to a post is a human being too that must be compensated for his efforts to try to serve his people.

“My dad is the number one man in my senatorial district in the PDP. I found out that I didn’t have any aspiration per say politically but I am going somewhere. It took me a year and half to again make up my mind because there was no election. Let us see if actually the SMART Agenda will work. Again, I would have being very active in the state level”.

He said PDP lacks the character of carrying party members along when it is needed, “it is not a family business, it is a political party that should welcome both the winners and the losers for the interest of the people who sent them there because they are most important than the party structure”, adding. “Like here, we have a venue, so also for the state. I am in charge of the Venue Committee”, he revealed.

“That thing that Nigerians have been suffering in silence for, APC embodied it and brought it back to life. So I felt that this is about the time. I come from a highly political family. So, I can’t shy away from the politics, somehow I needed an outlet and the outlet came by way of APC having a structure in our local government.

“In my town we have never had an opposition so anything goes, in a land where there is no king, the deputy becomes the boss, both the good and the bad are all mixed up in the PDP to oppress the people who sent them there. APC has the character which I think I can work with”.

According to the former deputy governor’s son, in his Obior Ward 1, 80 percent of the votes in an election would go to the APC, “what is going to happen in this election is that PDP card carrying members are going to vote APC into power at all levels not because they don’t have the card of PDP but because they are tired of that level because the leaders just impose leadership on them do not allow anybody to speak”.

He noted that APC is a better platform for Nigerians compare to the PDP, “I think in APC we can all start and do well”.

Asked if his defection would put him with his father at loggerheads, he said, “In a family everybody shouldn’t actualize his/her ambition on one platform. When they do it becomes tyranny. The fact is that it doesn’t put us at loggerheads, but it diversifies”, he explained.


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