HARD TALK: 2019: The Mike Ogwah’s Alternative Vision


For Isoko North State Constituency to be a reference point, then, radical and change promoting bills and motions from fecund imagination that are geared towards its development and growth should be sponsored and moved on the floor of the Delta State House of Assembly, DTHA.

Isoko North local government area is currently beset with myriads of problems manifesting in epileptic or rather, zero- empowerment, to acute marginalisation, exploitation, unemployment, and other markers of the sad state of things that have engendered prevailing disillusionment and disenchantment mood.

Thus, the imperative of alternative and progressive vision anchored on quality legislative representation to redress the situation of things in our beloved State Constituency. First, is the great need of understanding the challenges, and the deeper issues confronting the State Constituency, a thorough evaluation and then, the charting of alternative vision that would make the State Constituency a progressive one.

The actualisation of a progressive and advanced State Constituency can be made possible or become a reality through functional and responsive legislative representation in DTHA.

It is in view of the reality and, of the ability of Honourable Mike Ewomazino Ogwah as an ideal legislator to evolve such bills and motions, that the entire constituents were happy when he began last year 2017 consulting with elders, leaders of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, giving hints of possibility of contesting the Isoko North State Constituency Seat into the Delta State Parliament.

The point should be made that only sensitive and oriented people or individuals can solve a problem. And, it is only a highly resourceful person like Honourable Mike Ogwah, who bristles with possible solutions and alternatives visions for a better State Constituency that can offer the needed functional representation the people of Isoko North are currently yearning.

Honourable Ogwah’s vibrancy, resourcefulness, astuteness, brilliance, and courage will be well reinserted in his representation of the State Constituency if given the mandate in the 2019 general elections.

Already, Honourable Mike Ogwah a humanist with illuminating ideas has evolved enduring strategies which through constituency projects, massive socio-economic programmes, and attraction of developmental projects that would impact positively in the lives of constituents, and get the constituency fully developed.

These strategies mapped out and programmes drawn he has outlined and accentuated in numerous interviews he granted, and can also be gleaned from opinions and views he expressed eloquently on different issues in newspapers, radio and television.

And these are aside facilitation of employment of qualified constituents in State and Federal Services and, enduring and worthy causes of religious, social and cultural bodies, associations and organizations he will support by way of financial assistance.

The foregoing passes for Honourable Ogwah’s grand and lofty vision which are tied to that of His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the Governor of our dear Delta State.

The progressive and visionary Honourable Mike Ogwah who is taking the state constituency by storm, rumbling through all nook and cranny, and rallying supports for himself has resolved his political choice in favour of the People’s Democratic Part, PDP, a viable political party he has invested so much to actualise his aspirations of putting Isoko North State Constituency on the path of irreversible progress and advancement.

Honourable Mike Ogwah a party faithful and loyalist has contributed a lot to the party, and he enjoys the goodwill of constituents. Thus, it will be politically correct and wise he is endorsed by party leaders and faithfuls for the constituency seat comes 2019. PDP, power to the people. With Honourable Mike Ewomazino Ogwah we stand! I can hear victory songs.

Ajiri-Oghene Oreh, is a member of Mike Ogwah’s Media Team, writes from Igarra, Edo State.


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