HARD TALK: DEMOCRACY DAY: Three Years Of Governor Okowa And His Abysmal Failure In Delta State


Recently a little discussion on the performance of Governor Okowa in Delta state by some Deltans especially the PDP faithful will quickly enumerate the various ongoing and constructed roads been done by Governor Okowa as His success story in office for three years. To them having constructed 1Km road here and there gives you a pass mark in governance.

It is pertinent to note to note that NDDC has constructed more roads in Delta state than the state government between 2015 and now (Note: NDDC is a presidential intervention Agency)(for inquiries visit NDDC web.). In Delta state so many don’t even the road constructed by NDDC and the ones constructed by the state Government.

Furthermore,it is no longer news that the multi-Billion Naira Roads in Delta state are collapsing six months after commisioning as a result of poor construction with substandard Materials. An investigation revealed that Governor Okowa hired contracting companies owned by his cronies, relatives and kinsmen. Most do not specialise in road construction.

All roads he awards are based on political patronage,especially his brothers, sisters and cronies.

So evaluating Okowa performance as a pass mark in 3years in office on road constructed is a mockery of what governance is all about.

Besides,the commissioner for works told us that 17 billion sewage drainage system connecting DLA,Jesus saves and Agric roads in Asaba in an effort to reduce severe flooding. Despite the construction of this sewage system, the streets of asaba are regularly flooded following heavy rains which further damages the quack roads. This is three years of waste of resources and use of quack contractors.

A quick look at Governor Okowa’s 2015 Campaign promises, The acclaimed prosperity Agenda of Okowa led administration in 3years has turned a thorn on the flesh of the good people of state.Despite huge allocation coming to the state from the federal government and internally generated revenue,the state still faces series of underdevelopment.

A recap of the 2015 promises

1) okowa promised Us Obior Rice mill and Agbara -otor_score_(failed).

2) He promised $20m oil palm project in Akwukwu Igbo and Rice farmers in Illah oshimili North-score(failed,zero).

3)He promised a 20MW power plant in Isoko people _zero /failed.

4)He promised a 10,000 Housing units to be situated in various parts of the state-score(zero/failed).

5)Asaba airport runaway and rehabilitation _Score(40 ℅-Pass).

6)He promised us smart cities across the state_( score-(zero/failed).

7)He promised a 2billion to reconstruct and upgrade the state ultra modern trade fair and exhibition centre located at Osubi in color local government _Score(Zero/failed).

8)He promised us Asaba commercial city master plan project _score(zero/failed).

9)He promised us 5bn Asaba Mechanic village to be situated along Asaba/Onitsha express way_score(20p℅…stilled failed from what is on ground.).

10)He promised rehabilitation/construction of roads_Score(40℅..pass).

With the general analysis above of His promises it can be deduced that Gov.Ifeanyi Okowa administration is a failure in 3years in office.

His three years in office would have been said to be successful and that has delivers Dividend of democracy if the constructed roads are done with standard material and contractors, having a state refinery or partner with a private firm, if we have an ocean sphere in collaboration with the Federal government, the existing port can be put to work, able to build dams/generate electricity and sell to major companies in the region in collaboration with the Federal government.

Revamp the state owned textile mill. Get DSC working ASAP (NOT MEDIA EULOGY). Build a state owned Agro based company.Revamp the rubbers farm around the state and diversify our economy through Agricultural revolution.

Deltans should know that the current status of taxation by Gov.Okowa government is a lazy means of approach to generating revenues.

Governor Okowa government has shown within this 3years to lack focus and demonstrated visionless administration.

I Joseph Adimabua thereby pray to Almighty God to remove any spell cast on Deltans by the apostle of EGO_ARIA to enable us see the deceits and wickedness of this Government.

Joseph Adimabua, writes from Delta state.

Happy democracy day as we launch #Deltadeservebetter


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