HARD TALK: Ika Economic Summit Without Investors Presence Or A Gathering Of Politicians And Artisans Who Have Not Seen Themselves For Years?


You see, these opportunist political criminals should stop deceiving themselves or Deltans with some absurd and obvious shame-dance because you can’t teach old dog new tricks. Whom are the organisers and the state government led by senator Okowa trying to deceive into believing their high profile lies and self-enriching frivolous financial jamboree? Who invested what, how and where?

According to the legendary Robert Nesta Marley of blessed memory, you can fool some people sometimes but can’t fool all the people all the time. Deltans can now see the light and know that the present administration in Delta State lacks focus and equally bereft of governance ideas to positively impart lives. It was a smartly brilliant idea, though by few get-it-at-all-cost greedy and ambitious political crooks to syphon raw cash from the governor who himself is a political contractor.

The gathering from what I saw last Saturday was a Political gathering and not an Economic Summit as said by the organisers of the Ika Village Square marauders cum organisers. It was a jamboree of sort or a get-together-party to waste tax payers money as there was nothing ” Economic or Investment” whatsoever about it.

The acclaimed Summit only successfully succeeded in discouraging members of the public from going about their normal businesses that will put food on their tables since government has failed them completely with smart lies. When those eminent politicians went to school and upon graduation, they veered into different facets of life to pursue their careers . And for many years, they never met nor see each other again until this day when they had to suppress their time and schedules to meet again and pop champagne and someone out there in Government House, Asaba is calling it a Summit.

Ironically, they were upon graduation begged to work in public firms. This was as a result of quality leadership provided by the colonial masters. The colonial masters handed over a template which was destroyed soon by people like the organisers of this failed Summit due to greed, indiscipline and corruption. Today the reverse is the case. They failed, destroyed the nation, and made no single plan for the youths. They are now telling us to go and learn barbing, hairdressing, farming, and other miniature jobs. If this was what the colonial masters gave them, I doubt if they would be leaders today.

However, the Ika Youths Vanguard have swiftly come out to berate the shenanigan financial and deceitful jamboree. Speaking to the Press yesterday through its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ekpenisi Raymond in Boji-Boji Agbor said the gathering in his opinion is purely political and not economical, hence will come up soon to address the public. He asked amongst other questions as:

*How May Investors Were Present There?

*What are they to Invest In?

*Where Or what are the Identified Potentials?

*What are the avenues of financing such Investment Or access to finances?

*What Are The Support Plans For SMEs In Ika Land as a vehicle for driving Real Development?

These budging questions will be addressed in his upcoming public addressed to the gullible Ika youths.

Comrade Ekpenisi Raymond Esq. writes in from Agbor and can be reached on 09024203547.


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