Impeachment Axe Dangles Round Delta New Speaker Over Delay, Frustration Of Anti-Grazing Bill


.….As Okowa, Oyovbaire Stand Against Passage Of Anti-Grazing Bil

Barely two months after the impeachment of the former speaker of the Delta state house of Assembly, Mr. Monday Igbuya, HardReporters can exclusively reports that impeachment axe is currently dangling round the newly elected speaker of the house, Mr. Sheriff Oborevwori.

The looming impeachment according to lawmakers who confided in HardReporters in Abuja, is not unconnected to the delay in passage of the Delta Anti-Grazing Bill, been frustrated by governor Ifeanyi Okowa and his political godfather, Sam Oyovbaire who is the chairman of the Delta State Advisory Council with the connivance of the speaker.

It was reliably gathered that the Delta Anti-Grazing Bill before the state legislature is to among other things checkmate and curb the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the state, but because of some clandestine political reasons and his second tenure ambition, governor Okowa has continuously stood his ground to frustrate all efforts that will make the bill before the house passed into law.

A principal officer in the house who spoke on condition of anonymity accused the new speaker of the house of Assembly, Sheriff Oborevwori, governor Ifeanyi Okowa and chairman of the Delta State Advisory Council, Sam Oyovbaire of ganging up against the survival of the bill.

“This three men have continued to sit on the Delta state Anti-Grazing Bill that it must not be passed into law because of the interest of the governor. Oyovbaire has warned the governor that allowing the passage of the bill will affect his chances of coming back for second tenure.

“We the caucus in the house have already warned the speaker against the gravity of dancing to the tune of the governor and Oyovbaire by not passing the bill. Since we have told them our position on this bill that it must be allowed to seal through because it represent the interest of the entire state.

“The next step we have embarked on now is the media. For all Deltans to see and know those fighting against the survival of the bill and when shall strike nobody will blame us. Because we shall start with the speaker. Another impeachment is looming in the house and Deltans will be surprised.

“Oyovbaire has gone to brain watched the governor negatively that any attempt to pass the bill, it will sure work against his second term. He told the Governor to delay the passage of the bill until he gets his second term ticket.

“So as not step on the toes or work against the Hausa Fulani interest, because APC led federal government is headed by a northerner and that they can use their influence to stop Okowa’s second term ambition.” the principal officer hinted.

A caucus member of the house of Assembly, who don’t want his identity disclosed for obvious reasons hinted bluntly that once the time frame given to the speaker elapses, the they will have no option than to start impeachment process against the speaker.

“We have done it before with Igbuya and thank God he knows how we do it. The interest of the speaker, the governor and the chairman of Delta State Advisory Council can not over ride the interest of the whole state because of political interest.

“Deltans are dying for Christ sake, what are we saying.? Deltans are been killed by Fulani herdsmen every other day and some few persons are standing against what will save and put a stop to all this killings, maiming, raping and what have you.

“The governor is good at lip service to the people. Few days ago the governor gave out some refurbished vehicles to the state police command and in his address his address he did mentioned that the vehicles were for the fighting of crimes and well as tackle the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the state.

“And this is the same man that is sitting on the anti-grazing bill that can curb the activities of this herdsmen. What a disservice and lip service to the people. Other states have passed this bill into law why is the speaker, the governor and
Oyovbaire playing politics with the lives of Deltans.?

“Anyways, we have given the speaker a time frame and once the time expires, the speaker will hear from us. This is a very serious matter and the speaker is already calling for war and we shall give him double. By and large, impeachment will be the final stage here. The unexpected will happen in the house.” the caucus member disclosed.

HardReporters reliably learnt that the controversial bill has passed first and second reading as well as public hearing when the governor was advised to halt its further debate and subsequent passage.


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