HARD TALK: Mike Ogwah And Imperative Of A New Dawn For Isoko North


Friday is usually the busiest and most stressful day in a week. And everyone usually looks forward to weekends for rest and recreation with family and friends at least for the two days preceding Monday’s arrival with its legion of works.

Last weekend did not only offer the good and lovely people of Isoko North Constituency the needed rest, but was a week that was heartily celebrated by all the constituents. It was a moment of euphoria as the calm and easy going Mr. Harryman Okoro, moved by the imperative of a new dawn and patriotism, formally stepped down for his friend and political associate of many years, Honourable Michael Ewomazino Ogwah, on Sunday April 8, at his residence in Otor-Owhe, Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State. This event was witnessed by some of the political gladiators including Honourable Emmanuel Edevor who is a former chairman of Isoko North Council. A coterie of supporters made up chiefly of youths and women were also there to witness the event.

The political gathering which sparked up celebrations was a milestone in the chequered history of Isoko North. From the photos and short videos uploaded and posted on social media platforms, the expressions on the faces of all present were that of delight, of the fulfilment of a grand dream and a new dawn. The youths of Isoko North Local Government Area felt and still feel a profound sense of renewed vigor and bold relief that soonest, their aspirations and hopes will become reality. They believe in the aspiration of Honourable Ogwah to engender everything good. Thus, they are keying into Ogwah’s programmes of hope and renewal, of development and empowerment.

What the people and communities are in dire need of are urban renewal projects and welfarist programmes that would radically transform the local government and their lives. This grand dream can only be a reality with someone like Honourable Ogwah who possesses redemptive vision, vigor, dependable personality, and who puts the needs of others before his. He’s an indefatigable leader who will articulate the positions of the people and doggedly pursue them through bills and motions on the floor of DTHA. What we need at this time is a vibrant and ebullient leader like Honourable Mike Ogwah at the Delta State House of Assembly in Asaba.

Honourable Mike Ogwah is the repository of the interests and aspirations of the people. He is a progressive politician who is capable of dreaming and transforming dreams to fruition. His aspiration to contest for Isoko North Constituency seat in the Delta State House of Assembly in 2019 is propelled by a profound sense of patriotism. He has taken time out to produce a blueprint in the form of visionary development programmes that would be beneficial to his people.

Honourable Ogwah is the best and brightest mind for the job. He has made an unbreakable pledge to the ever supportive people of Isoko North who in him, they would find their voices. Their hopes and aspirations will be realised. Yes, He is naturally a responsive individual, sensitive to the plight and predicament of his people. When the terrible windstorm occurred last week in Emevor, destroying properties, Honourable was the first notable politician to sympathise with the people and community. He promised to liase with his friends and associates to render help. That’s what responsive politicians do! He’s a politician who feels and acts with alacrity. There are lot of inspiring testimonies of Honourable Ogwah’s magnanimity. A man of tremendous goodwill and a caring heart, Ogwah has and runs an NGO called Mike Ogwah Foundation for the less privileged.

As the People’s Democratic Party’s primary election draws nigh, Honourable Ogwah is not complacent of the supports and goodwill he enjoys of his people. He is running a well organised campaign, toiling day and night with his formidable campaign members. They are seriously consulting chieftains and members of the PDP, spreading the good message of hope and of a new dawn to the people. He is gaining a lot of support, especially by way of endorsement of his candidature.

It is only an effective legislative representation that can engender a new dawn for Isoko North local Government Area and Honourable Michael Ewomazino Ogwah, with his stubborn faith and proclivity for restoration and transformation, is the man that can bring the new dawn. For now, it is Mike Ogwah all the way.. PDP, power to the people. Power to the people, PDP. Let’s vote for Mike Ogwah for a new dawn in Isoko North.

Ajiri-Oghene .J. Oreh, writes from Otor-Igho, Delta State.


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