HARD TALK: OGWAH: Integrity And Dignity At Its Peak


The people’s Honourable, Mike Ewomazino Ogwah first stepped into politics in 1996, as a councillor representing the hardworking people and respective units or quarters that made up the larger Owhelogbo Ward One at the Isoko North Legislative Arm in Ozoro, headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area. And he distinguished himself in that office, as he rendered selfless service to his people with passion.

Twenty-two years after, he remains politically relevant to his people just as he continues to bestride Delta State political firmament like a colossus.

Between 1996 when he contested and won the councillorship seat (a time when most of his co-contenders were yet to cut their political teeth) and now, he has held significant political positions, including that of Special Assistant to Commissioner for Ethnic and Conflict Resolution, and later Senior Special Assistant to the immediate past Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, CON.

In all of these political offices, Ogwah brought uncommon zeal to bear. Yes, he made transparency, due process and probity his watchword just as he and other Isoko political leaders influenced and facilitated projects in all nook and cranny of Isokoland.

What necessitated the writing of this short piece? It is simply Honourable Ogwah’s immaculate character. It is very rare to find a politician with a high degree of integrity and honesty. The kind of President, governors and legislators we need are those in whom learning and character are well blended. Yes, what we need are not political jagabans but political leaders who are noble and honest and made integrity their watchword.

Undoubtedly, Honourable Mike Ogwah is a progressive politician with fine character and integrity. In spite of his tremendous influence and clout garnered over the years, as a politician and businessman, he remains profoundly simple, and inimitably humble. Honourable Michael Ogwah is a man with sharp, incisive and analytical mind.

That Honourable Ogwah is known as a political leader who is responsive and sensitive to the plights and predicaments of his Isoko people is as a result of his upbringing. He was brought up to appreciate and cherish virtues. His parents inculcated in him kindness, truthfulness, patience, faith. The ideal of hard work , fairness, stubborn hope, moderation, and charity he was imbued and he has imbibed. All these manifested and still manifest in Ogwah’s undertakings and engagement. Character is imperative! character is beauty according to Nigeria’s foremost poet, Professor Niyi Osundare. And Honourable Mike Ogwah has character.

Let me conclude this short piece. Another distinguishing feature of Honourable Mike Ogwah who is campaigning vigorously to represent Isoko North Local Government Area at the Delta State House of Assembly, Asaba, is that, he is accessible and approachable. He stays in his home town, Owhelogbo, and continues to attend to people and render selfless service. His flourishing companies are situated in Isoko not in other places in Nigeria. Thus, contributing to the social and economic well being of his people and growth and development of Isoko.

Accessibility is very crucial! We need to vote for who is accessible and approachable. In deed, Honourable Mike Ogwah is an ideal personality, of great virtue. And he is the man with an enduring and ever inspiring character we can invest our interests, hopes and aspirations on. Yes, he is a man in whom integrity and dignity remain his watchword. Behold the people’s choice for the Isoko North Constituency seat in the Delta State House of Assembly in the year 2019.

* Ajiri-Oghene J. Oreh is a member of Hon. Mike Ogwah’s Media Team and writes in from Isoko North.




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