HARD TALK: Re: Why My Fellow Urhobos Should Support Governor Okowa For 2019, By Barr. Jesutega Onokpasa


This is just a short response to Barr. Jesutega Onokpasa regarding his recent tirade on the subject title, and his arguments against why an APC governor from Delta North may not administer for only one term and handover to the Urhobos in 2023.

His arguments link to the fact that URHOBOS HAVE NOT SUFFERED WORSE UNDER OKOWA.

1) To begin with, the long epistle is just a face-saving sermon. It is an attempt to justify why he jumped ship from APC to eat some pie from his master Okowa’s table. Onokpasa, you know deep in your heart that you deserted your own people, the Urhobos, when they needed you the most so as to go pick crumbs, and now you are taking the pains to preach a sermon to justify your unpatriotic, worthless and senseless action. Let me tell you that your epistle is dead on arrival. It is even painful to many Urhobo ears. The Urhobos of today that I know are far smarter than your so-called smart Gov. Okowa think they are. He truly believes that he can blindfold them again. Yet, they already know he does not mean well for the Urhobos. So, enough of your trying to twist their minds with big grammar that spikes like a sting on to the Urhobo soul. It is even more painful because the favour that Urhobos did to him to make him Governor, he has paid back in “bad coins”.

2) You are aware that the highest serving official in Okowa’s government from the Urhobo ethnic tribe is the Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Mr. Ovie Agas. And you are aware that Okowa has turned him into a robot, commissioned to be drinking tea in office only, while his own real Ika brothers: Mr Kingsley Emuh, Commissioner for Economic Planning is the REAL SSG, and his Personal Assistant, Mr Hillary Ibegbulem is the REAL CHIEF OF STAFF. He has no powers whatsoever. Many Okowa’s Commissioners fare even worse. So, don’t come here to try to fool or insult Urhobo mentality with your hollow defense.

3) Only a man of low virtue like yours fears the things that are impossible to him. That is why you say there is no politician that will do one term when he has an ample opportunity to do two. Well, I can present you with a well-known politician, a man of virtue, of wisdom and of integrity, who does what he says, and means what he says. That man is Mr. Nelson Mandela. Not minding all the pains that was wrought on him by the apartheid South Africa, he very well understood that his place in history was to unite South Africa and restore their sense of hope and pride. He knew that his role was to strengthen their resolve against any further oppression. He was sworn in as President, bigger than Governor, and yes, he did one term. As a man of honour he handed over as planned, even when the ovation from South African and the entire world was loudest. So, be rest assured that there are still men of honour in Delta State. The APC rescue plan is to give Deltans a capable, honest and determined hand that will set a new agenda for our people in one term only and then handover. He will be well aware that his role is to set up a fresh path to a New Delta devoid of the rot that PDP has bequeathed on our people since almost 19 years and with trillions of Naira spent. Go around the entire Delta State and you will see that there is not one thing that we can point to that we can truly be proud of as a people. So, Onokpasa, please take a swift duck, tuck your tails between your legs and eat that humble pie that has been infested from your master’s table. Surely, the ability of a dutiful, upright and capable Governor to do one term is very far beyond your imagination.

4) Lastly, you argue that Okowa has not done bad to Urhobo land, but I will tell you to open your eyes to that hill of hope that was established to cater for the devastation of Urhobo land that oil production with all its paraphernalia brought on the people. The agency is called DESOPADEC. It was set up specifically to help develop oil producing areas, but because it will not serve Okowa’s agenda, the very first thing Okowa did when he took office was to amend the DESOPADEC law so that he can redirect the huge benefits that is due to Urhobo land elsewhere. Today, DESOPADEC is gasping for breathe, struggling to stay alive because Okowa has removed its live wire, money. Well, let me tell you that APC will restore that original idea of setting up the agency, and make sure that all rightful beneficiaries continue enjoy their God-given wealth, and restore their environment to one that can serve the people again.

Need I say more to convince you that Okowa is no good for the Urhobos. If you wish, I can go on and on with so many examples that will shut your mouth forever. But brotherliness casts not away. To ensure that you have a modicum of respect left, and not be cast out by Urhobos, I will hold my peace for now. My advice is for you to think deep and retrace your steps while you still have an opportunity to do so.

By: Allen Ugbedi (APC Chieftain)

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