Ebonyi APC Chieftain Accuses Umahi Of Bleeding To Death State Treasury


A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in Ebonyi State and chairman of the party at Ezza South local government area of the salt of the nation state, Chukwudi Nwankwo has accused the state Governor,

David Umahi of looting the state treasury to death, saying the governor has “stabbed the salt state to death. The sycophants who sees rampaging evil and baptize it with a holy name in order to keep on picking some crumbs that fall from their masters’ sumptuous tables have succeeding in killing Ebonyi State.”

Speaking with newsmen Monday, the Ebonyi state APC chieftain noted lamented that men of good will who are supposed to speak up against the decaying state of Ebonyi state were maintaining sealed lips because of personal interests.

“While the state is dying, the rest of us particularly those who should speak, those whose voices can be heard and heeded, those who have nothing except some monetary stipends to lose if they speak up, are silently watching the State dying. Our traditional rulers, responsible and respectable stakeholders in the state are watching while our state die.

“Whether the younger generation and religious leaders in Ebonyi State keeps mum on the dying status of the state, the truth must be told in love that the artificial beatification of Ebonyi State by the present governor has left the poor, the less– privileged and traumatized masses into jeopardy. All of them are crying and where do their wretched and muffled voices carry them to? They can only be heard in the privacy of their homes and beer parlours where they drink themselves to stupor in a futile attempt to drown their agonies.”

According to Mr. Nwankwo, downtrodden in the state cried in the safety of their homes but when they appeared in the public they pretend to be happy with the way things are going in the state currently and cautioned the people not to listen to their leaders whom according to him, made the governor’s improvised professional beggars to believed in the state owned media houses that they are the best leaders Ebonyi can have.

“There is a conspiracy of silence all over the state. This ominous silence is doing an irreparable damage to the future of the young ones who, as the victims of criminal neglect, will have no alternative except to wallow in the ruins of the massive destruction that we are likely to bequeath to them as the present government’s legacy.

“What do we say about the insensitive and multiple taxation that has sent all most all young entrepreneurs packing from Ebonyi State to other tax friendly State? Has anybody in Ebonyi State whose voice could be heard and heeded any good reason to keep on keeping silent in the face of the plodding Frankenstein called politics that is currently consuming the state and all of us in Abakaliki block?. I do not think we we have any good reason to keep silent, let alone having the right to do so.

“As Christians, this season of Lent makes it impossible for me to keep silent in the face of the sickening injustice being done to Ebonyi workers in the name of somebody not being God that forfeit his promises. You know you are not God why the promise of 100%?. The spirit of our heroes who fought for State creation are unhappy and our late heroes, Dr. Akanu Ibiam, Senator Dr. Offa Nwali and others should rise against this tragedy in Ebonyi State called “Democracy.”

Speaking on the alleged negative effect of the present Umahi led administration, Mr. Nwankwo said “The tragedy is that the leadership of Ebonyi State have turned Ebonyi state government to a charitable organization and hence one operates a charitable organization, such a person is not under compulsion to anybody because charity is charity and this development creates no room for equity.

“You extend your charity only as your spirit directs you. If for whatever reason you do not like the shape of my head or which part of the State my friend comes from, you will not extend your charity to us. Those to whom you extend your charity are the beggars you like and beggars have no choice. They must fall down on the ground and thank you after which they must let the world know that you are kind and generous leader even if you have grudgingly given to them what should be given to a dog.

“The poor people have no alternative. When government radio and television houses always make sure that such generosity, the distribution of rice and some pitiable amount of money among the people, is always repeatedly announced to the public, you understand how trustworthy they want you to understand that the people are. Don’t forget that many of those who are compelled by their miserable conditions to chant the praises of the government for getting some cups of rice at Christmas or Easter have had their children’s education suddenly terminated because they could not afford to pay their school fees.

“Some of them have children who have graduated from university and have stayed for many years without any job. Some of them have helplessly watched their breadwinners die because they could not foot their medical bills due to the hard times brought by the PDP led government in the State that cares only for the rich and the powerful. I am convinced that the people of Ebonyi state would choose to see their children go back to schools, get employed instead of denying them that opportunity and turning their fathers and mothers into objects of charity and misguided paternalism.

“I have no doubt in my mind that it is wrong for any government to reduce the workers to beggars. What is happening in Ebonyi State today is not what the people bargained for during the 2015 general elections, one of the state political heavyweights was of the view that the present pains of the electorate was not what they bargained for when they clamoured for the creation of the State. If the first tenure of man who hopes for second tenure is as harsh as this, one begins to imagine what pitfalls the future holds for the State should him be actually voted in to complete the second tenure. Ebonyi, it is a pity, we missed it again.” Nwankwo stated.

The APC chieftain accused the church of compromising her standard “owing to the peanut of Gov. Umahi. With all due respect, His Excellency, Governor David Umahi should go back to his 2015 campaign/election manifestos and do justice to it. 2019 is not for sale like the past. Now in Ebonyi State, the fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge. May God judge us all according to our deeds, in Him I trust.”


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