HARD TALK: Retooling Legislation To Bridging The Gap Between The Constituency And Federal Government With Hon Joel Onowakpo


Elections engulfed in its usual subterfuge and machinations, with candidates vying for various political offices scheming tirelessly for electorates votes with bogus promises and many not having the required capacity to achieve any. It is not only obligatory but necessary as a people that as these sets of politicians lurking around to ensure they grab the mantle, we must think singularly, think outside the box and transpose our compounded thoughts geared towards the regional development synchronous to that of a 21st century nation.

Pertinent to this administration’s drive of running an all inclusive government birthed by the speech delivered by President Muhammadu Buhari of ‘belonging to nobody but to everybody’, various ethnic nationalities keyed into it and visited the President in the State House, Abuja to press home issues bedeviling their ethnicity. To some, it is a regular routine because they have through their representatives who know how to meander their way, push forth, lead their delegation to lure, lobby and carter home capital projects which is of perennial benefit to their region, inhabitants and natives to the envy of her ethnic neighbours whose representatives chose to shove them off from the mainstream while subjecting them to a cunningly design system under an ideological horizon devoid of core issues affecting the region but rather opting for miniature inputs through MDAs with sole aim of siphoning public funds.

In saner clime, adjudged as one of a kind since the inception of our nascent democracy with the People’s Democratic Party, PDP at the helms of affairs but no room of such ever created, the Isoko nation finally broke the Jinx through a delegation ably led by the President General of Isoko Development Union, IDU Chief Iduh Amadhe to the State House, Abuja to meet with the President on issues of grave concern and how to ameliorate same.

The news of the visit and demands made excited well meaning Isoko sons and daughters who commended the efforts of the delegation as it seems the narrative is about to change even if some quarters downplayed it on partisanship to the extent of calling the IDU President printable names saying he is promoting the All Progressive Congress, APC political party. Hell no! These are enemies of Isoko who do not see Isoko beyond their horizon.

Isoko have celebrated, commended and even applauded the feat but our happiness will be short-lived if we refused to create the necessary vehicular platform for a successful conveyor. We can not be divided on this course neither are we to operate from the other side of the divide but as a matter of fact install a talented marksman, a goal getter, a dexter in the field, trained to a qualitative standard required to scoop home our demands cum actualization; this brings us to the ideal man, Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas.

A passionate Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas Ewomazino who is a qualified technocrat to the core has grown in the system of governance by blending in the various recipes to rejig a failing sector as experienced at the helms of affairs at the ‘Delta State Board of Internal Revenue’ where his first class communication skills, persuasion and influential C-level leadership with more than 27 years of positive work experience tripled the revenue in taxation whilst having extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues.

Being a practical man, Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas Ewomazino has successfully exemplified himself in and out of politics as one time executive chairman Isoko south local government council, Oleh, Delta State in Oct 2007 – May 2008, Group Chairman Elomaz Holdings, Lagos, Apr 1999 – Jul 2007, Principal and Owner, Joel-Onowakpo & Co Chartered Accountants, Lagos April 1997 – July 2007, Working Partner Onothome Ofo Thirlwell & Co., Maryland, Lagos, June 1994 – May 1997, Audit Manager, Audit Supervisor, Onothome Ofo Thirlwell & Co., Maryland, Lagos, June 1992 – June 1994, Executive Chairman, Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, Asaba, Delta State, July 2009 – September 2015, Group Chairman, Yaaaglo Holdings Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, September 2015 – Feb 2016, State Coordinator, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Delta, Edo and Rivers States, February 2016 – July 2018.

A man of vision, Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas Ewomazino being a man of class and substance has galvanized himself into veritable man of substance education-wise through certifications from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
Fellow, Accounting 1992 – 1994, Olabisi Onabanjo University in Masters in Business Administration MBA, Technology Management, 1997 – 1998, The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, Fellow, Tax Law/Taxation, 2001 – 2001, University of Edinburgh Business School, Certificate in, Global Leadership Sustainability, Strategy & Change Management, 2013 – 2013, Coventry University, Certificate, Strategic Change & Performance Management, 2013 – 2013, Royal institute of Public Administration International, London, Certificate in, Managing People through Change, Attitudes and Behaviours, 2014 – 2014, Harvard Kennedy School, Certificate in, Comparative Tax Policy and Administration, 2014 – 2014, Harvard Kennedy School, Certificate in Senior Managers in Government, The Senior Managers in Government (SMG) program provides senior executives in the federal government, 2016 – 2016, Harvard Kennedy School, Certificate in Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results, Political Science and Government, 2017 – 2017, Harvard Kennedy School, Certificate in Strategies for Building and Leading Diverse Organizations, Public Leadership, 2017 – 2017, Association of Chartered System Accountants – United States, Fellow, Chartered System Accountant, 2017 – 2017 and many more too numerous to mention whilst embedded in this singular personality.

No doubt, Isoko nation has struck gold with Hon Joel Onowakpo Thomas Ewomazino in the House of Representatives come 2019.

Oviri Kelvin Ozed, is a constituent in the Isoko Federal constituency, writes from Isoko, Delta State


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