HARD TALK: Why Every Isoko Man Must Reject The Ijaws Colonial Disposition Toward Us


In 2004, the P.R.O of the Students Union, University of Benin Ms Lucia produced the 2nd edition of the SUG Magazine, Uniben Parrot. As a Principal member of the SUG Parliament, I was given a space where among other things, I stated that my future ambition is to be a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to make heaven. I am on course to make heaven by the grace of God. However, my ambition to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is under serious threat. It may not be realized if the current posture of Senator James Manager and his fellow Ijaw men that MIGHT IS RIGHT is sustained.

In Benue State, the Tiv ethnic group are in the majority. Whereas the Idomas have just one Senatorial District, the Tivs have two. Since 1999, Benue state has always been ruled by a Tiv person. For the 2019 polls, the two major political parties have fielded two Tiv men because they have the numbers. The implication of this arrangement is that no matter how endowed you are, if you are an Idoma man/woman, aspiring to one day become the governor of Benue State is an unthinkable and unrealistic aspiration. This is also the situation in Kogi state. Were it not for an Act of God, a non Igala man would never rule Kogi state. Since 1992, Igalas have always produced the governor of the state and were on course to do same until Audu Abubakar mysteriously died. For the Okuns and Ebiras, a Deputy Governor or Speaker of Parliament is the highest position they are permitted to occupy.

Had the Urhobos with their Eight LGAs and Voting strength adopted the Benue and Kogi template, no Isoko man would aspire to become a Governor of this state. God bless Ibori who in his wisdom felt that MIGHT SHOULDN’T BE RIGHT hence the rotation arrangement that has made a minority Itsekiri man, a minority Ika man become Governors of this state.

However, in Delta South, the Ijaws with their overwhelming voting strength are determined to subject the Isokos, Itsekiris and Urhobos to the Benue and Kogi states treatment of minority ethnic groups. If not, let someone tell me why Senator James Manager feels that the Delta South Senatorial Seat is his eternal birth right.

Delta South comprises the following ethnic groups:
Ijaws- 40 wards
Isokos -24 wards
Itsekiris–18 wards
Urhobos–6 wards

So one can clearly see that the Ijaws already have the numerical advantage if one were to go for Primaries with them in the same party. The only way for other ethnic groups to occupy the position of a Senator in this our Senatorial district is for for the Ijaws to show understanding and adopt the ‘’ Live and Let’s Live’’ approach or for the Itsekiris, Isokos and Urhobos to form a very strong alliance. When, sometimes ago, I saw a delegation of Itsekiris meeting with the Isoko Development Union (IDU) IDU on this internal oppression by the Ijaws, I was very glad but it appears the flame has died down. I hereby call on the IDU to activate channels to continue to engage with the Itsekiris and the Urhobos of the Senatorial on the one hand to work out modalities on the possibility of forging an alliance against the Domineering and Colonial Ijaws and on the other hand for the three minority ethnic groups to meet with the Ijaws on the possibility of making them see reasons why the Senatorial position should be rotated among the ethnic groups.

I call on all Isoko groups like the IDU, Isoko National Youth Assembly (INYA), the Isoko Monitoring Group (IMG), The Ideal Isoko Woman (TIIW), Isoko Professionals Group across the world to embark on a massive sensitization to prepare our people to resist the Ijaw dominance over the other ethnic group. I urge all Isokos to see the 2019 election as a referendum to allow or reject Ijaw selfish dominance in what rightly belongs to all of us.

I call on our leaders in the PDP especially to put the interest of the Isoko nation first over and above primordial party interest. THE ISOKO INTEREST IS CLEAR: LET US BREAK THE MONOPOLY AND FIRM GRIP OF THE IJAWS ON THE SENATORIAL POSITION for this is the surest route for my generation, the children of our leaders in the PDP to have any chance of becoming a Senator in their lifetime.


God bless the Isoko Nation

My own is just to post

My name has not changed, I remain Akpuzo Victor Okperi.


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