HARD TALK: UGHELLI-SOUTH POLITICS: Planned Single-Term For Electable Political Offices In Ughelli-South Is Alien To Democracy And Unconstitutional


It Will Encourage Self-Centeredness In Very High Magnitude More Than We Have Ever Witnessed And Therefore Becoming A Clog On The Wheel Of Development

As interests for the possible 2017 Delta State Local Government and the 2019 General elections for diverse political offices mount up, there have been indications in the political spectrum in Ughelli-South that all electable positions MUST be occupied for just a term by any elected individual; no matter how well your performance in office. Let me quickly add that the promoters of this “One Man, One Term” agenda should bury their faces in shame. This is so because, we already have their ulterior motives exposed to the sun. The plot is a failure as it is already dead on arrival. I am just writing for some of them to know that the grassroots eyes are watching them and not really the muted corporate leadership which knows when to explodes for sure.

The idea is being conceived and peddled by some notable self-acclaimed leaders from a known axis of the Local Government; laying claims to a clannish clandestine and fallacy that there are so many of our people waiting on the queue to ascend power. Is this not laughable? It is, of course! To me, I see public office as a tool to develop the people and the place we represent in government at a time. It is all about serving, serving and serving the people. When has holding public offices be seen as a means to personal comfort and satisfying one selfish interest? Should it be now seen as a mere means to boosting ones’ CV that I was once this or that? It’s beyond that. It is therefore a furtive enterprise by some excessive power drunk political barons that must be jettisoned by all.

The above planned arrangement is again laughable as it is not recognized in any legitimate pronouncements within the Laws of our land. It’s not known to the Nigerian Constitution and the Electoral Acts as severally have been amended. This makes it an alien idea. It is a fremd and therefore should be rejected on arrival. This is perceived as a plan to create offices for the powerful and their cronies?

Let me quickly ask us the youths of Ughelli-South a simple question. Do you really think that those behind this plan have you and me in mind? Is it for your interest or their own interest? We better be smart in our thinking so that we are not used as tools of destabilization, subversion and threats.

In the 2015 General elections where most of us worked tirelessly for the present administration, we all ended up not being compensated in any form. It’s those who drove big Jeeps to our communities just to cast their votes and withdrew into their comfortable mansions up in the cities; gazing at their TV Screens waiting for results to be announced and later called the victorious candidates to say, “yes we have delivered”, that have their sons, daughters and nephews recommended for appointment on our sweats. Should this repeat itself? Are we that poor that if we challenge them, they will not give us our daily meal any longer? No, methink it is a mindset issue. We must get our minds restructured for us to live a befitting life as youths. These guys want you and I to perpetually stay under foot.

Are these the same people who want to convince you saying that there are so many of us waiting to occupy political positions and we should ignorantly dance after them? Saying, if we do two terms each, it won’t go round. What a deceptive agenda? Do we now empower people with electable political offices? Oh, no! Ughelli-South Youths, wake up from this great slumber. Their plans are not for you to grow, rather, they are to make their children lords over you as they have done to our parents. This is however a topic for another day.

Let me go back to the main issue for discussion. What we have in Nigeria as it is today, is a maximum of two terms of 4 years each for elected public officers in the Executive arms of Government while there is no limit or tenure frame for those in the legislative arms.

So, for some group of persons to come together to think of introducing what is strange and unknown to the people of Ughelli-South meets more than the mere eye can see. It is an attempted aberration from our normal rectitude. A single tenure arrangement is not akin to the ways we play our politics from the world go in Ughelli-South. It will not be accepted by the people of the Local Government. No one, no matter how highly placed in the society will be allowed to run the Local Government as his or her own empire. It was not so from 1999-2007 and it wasn’t so between 2007 -2015 too. It cannot just be changed over night because some persons somewhere think they are the owners of the Local Government and because of their private aspirations.

Democratically, anyone with intent to lead his or her people joins a political platform known as POLITICAL PARTIES to get sponsorship. And when you succeed at that level, you proceed with others from other platforms, on a general election to test acceptance by the people or popularity among the electorates. When you wins and you perform very well in office, you have the rights to seek another term to serve if you have not served your second term(if not the executive arms of Government). The power you so seek, lies in the hands of the people and they choose again to either return you back to power or not. Why the despondency? Why are people so much in desperation this days to lead the masses on a wrong path all in the name of showing being mega principalities? This will not work. I am not speaking on behalf of anyone or on any’s instructions as this is of my own opinion as a grassroots players and a target of the agenda.

Taking a queue from this kind of practice of one man; one term in office, the Delta Central Senatorial example since 1999. Though not an agreed practice, the Senators who have ever represented the good people of the Urhobo nation in the Red Chamber, have only done so just for a term. My question is, what have we gained from this practice as has always been dictated by the political principalities of the District? You cannot point directly to any reasonable achievements under such arrangement. The reason is not far-fetched. The person occupying the seat at a time already known that he’s not coming in for a second term and so have no point doing good for his people back at home. So, it becomes an opportunity for just self and family members. Oh, what a wonderful opportunity to amass wealth of the people for self? After all, I have settled with all the principalities involved in bringing me into power. Such practices does not recognize the place of the populace.

The House of Representative for the Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency has also suffered this kind of arrangement where you are only allowed to represent your people just for a tenure. It’s only Hon Solomon Ahwinahwi who made it twice after missing his immediate second attempt to return in the 2011 general elections.

And you also know that this Nigeria where people believe in settling their political differences solely via court litigations. So, as an elected office holder, you are adjudged even lucky if you do not have such court cases for the four years of your election in the first instance as the case of one of my brothers and leader who have passed through the High Court up to the Supreme Court now for a pre-election case. Is this not funny? And we expect magical performances from such, in this hard times after been distracted with court cases for going to ‘3 out of 4 years’ that make a term. Those who feel they are everything sit at home smiling, dinning and wining just because it’s a rig hosting a perceived TALAKAWA and a BOURGEOISIE.

Those who impregnate the selfish idea of ”one man; one term” for electable offices in Ughelli-South are on a path of retarding the gradual progress the Local Government is making. The idea will only make Public offices as look an empowerment to the individuals rather than being a means to develop the people and place they represent. It will discourage office holders from performing since they are already aware that no matter how they perform, there is no room for a second chance. Is this what we want? These malcontent elements sponsoring this idea in the hearts of our people do not mean well for the wellbeing of Ughelli-South.

Above all, the proponents of this agenda are out to cause more problems for the Local Government and therefore may return the Local Government to the 2011 Voters’ Revolution, where the people aligned with the ”Elalaja Symbol” to dismantled the ruling structure in the face of their money bags and supporting security outfits from head to toe, at the time. Remember, power resides with the people and our widest chest and connections couldn’t stop the people in that great revolution. If they are not ashamed of the 2011 feat, it shall be repeated in 2019. We are saying no to “one man, one term” agenda in Ughelli-South driven at suppressing the lower-herbs in the system forever.

To conclude, let me trumpet that we should join hands to abort this foetus of SELFISHNESS and lordship of the super UPPER CLASS over us the TALAKAWAS and the MEKUNUS in the society. It is not to better us the sons of the commoners. It is rather a plot to perpetuate their supremacy over us by rotating their kindreds on the seats of power while we helplessly look and continue to clap for them. Already Our wives and mothers have become tools of cultural entertainments in their abode and during political rallies while our youths they have severally make weapons against their own future. This we must stand against.

Let me ask you. If they are sincere, why didn’t they recommend you and I after the 2015 elections for appointments? In their endorsements so far for the Local Government elections, why haven’t they endorse a youth? THOSE WHO SAYS THEY ARE POPULAR, should be ready to face primaries as I was made to know that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has severally advised them in Asaba. This is the only way to avoid another VOTERS REVOLUTION in 2019 or any elections before then. Thank God, the Central that controls the Security is given birth to by another parent.

This is why you must stand and fight:
If your father couldn’t measure up with them, you must measure up with them and beat their kids by your numbers. They have the money-power, but we have the numbers power. So, let us undo them with our numbers. Remember, “If you can fight to free yourself today from the chains and grips of these capitalist politicians, then you have fought well to free your tomorrow and entire generations; born and unborn”-TISHA.

This is a call for RADICAL POPULISM in our land.


TISHA, Ejekanshe Matthew, is
Co-Convener, COALITION OF DELTA ELECTORATES(CODE), writes in from Delta State.


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