HARD TALK: Who Is To Be Blamed For This Shame ?


The attached picture, is yet another reminder to us, of how pathetic and degrading the deplorable underdevelopment situation in the Niger Delta region has become, and how dispassionate and unempathetic those in the helm of affairs, including the people have become.

This is Senator James Keduobowei Manager, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Representing Delta South Senatorial District, struggling on a bike to get to his Village, Ogbeinama, Bomadi Local Government Area in Delta State, on 21st October, 2017.

For those who do not know, Senator James Manager is a man who has been in the Senate since 2003 (about 14 years now and still counting), and was a former Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport (1999-2003) under James Ibori; former State Chairman PDP Delta State (1998-1999); former Chairman of Grassroots Democratic Movement (GDM) Party (1996-1998); former Hon. Commissioner for Social Development (1992-1993) under Olorogun Felix Ibru, and many other positions in the corridors of government.

As such, we can say he has all the powers/connections/clout to bring both the State and the Federal Government might to fix, not only this particular road/bridge, but also every other bad or non-existing basic infrastructure in his community to alleviate the sufferings of his people. But that has not been seen in all these years, and it appears it will never be.

When the only thing the common man would have benefitted from these politicians are not done by them, then there is obviously no hope for a better tomorrow.
Where are all the monies yearly budgeted/given for Constituency Projects in Delta State? Where are all the projects? Why should such pathetic state of roads/bridges still be evident in the State and the Niger Delta region, in spite of all the funds yearly budgeted/given to address these developmental needs?

As it is with Senator James Manager and the deplorable state of the road to his village, so also it is with majority of the Nigerian politicians in power and those hanging around the corridors of power as well.

Sadly, their own people will not condemn them for non-performance, or even see the need to do so. Rather than condemnation, what we usually see from the fellow tribesmen of these politicians is them singing their praises for obviously cheating them in the provision of basic public amenities.

We are even certain that some persons of the same village with Senator James Manager are not happy with us for displaying the above picture. And they are ready to fight us for simply exposing the truth.

So, do we blame these obviously shameless politicians in power for the deplorable state of basic infrastructure in their constituencies and State? Or should we blame their kinsmen/tribesmen for not owing up to condemn and expose their political leaders for not being accountable and doing what is expected of them?

Do we blame their kinsmen who, often times do not see anything wrong with the ‘deliberate wickedness’ of their brothers and sisters as politicians, as they keep saying: “na our brothers and sisters, leave them for us like that (and let them continue to loot) after all, na our oil and gas wealth”

Do we blame the politicians for their complete neglect and shameless disposition, when their own tribesmen and women often sing their praise and commend them for ‘doing practically nothing’, other than stealing their collective wealth?

It is often said that one’s future is in one’s hands. That is, people are mostly responsible for the outcome of their life and how it turns out at the end. As it is with an individual, so it is with a community, a State, a region and a nation.

In other words, whatever level of underdevelopment and whatever we see ‘wrong’ today in Delta State and the Niger Delta region, we are the ones responsible for it. But our political leaders in Delta State and the Niger Delta region, as custodians of the region’s oil and gas-rich wealth and resources, are the ones to take the chunk of the blame for the State’s present deplorable situation.

We are where we are today as a people because of every decision/indecision and action/inaction of our past and present political leaders in different strata of governments in the State/region and the entire nation.

Until we begin to tell ourselves the truth as a people that produce majority of the wealth of the nation, mediocrity would continue to be enthroned as lord over all of us. We should stop deceiving ourselves by telling our political leaders the truth and nothing but the truth.

The few people that praise the political leaders and elites know in their deep hearts that these people are not doing what is expected of them in the interest of the poor masses going by the enormous revenue they enjoy. But they will prefer to praise them because of what they are gaining or expected to gain from the system.

This mediocrity has to stop, if we really want to see the needed change in Delta State and the entire region.

By: Zik Gbemre, JP.

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