How Far Can Gov. Okowa And His Politics Of Half Measures Go?


Since the inception of the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa led administration in Delta State, there has been a lull in governance. Although the singsong is that “there is no money, ego-aria” and that the revenue accruable to the state has been depleted, it is the agreement of all critical minds that the situation is exacerbated by the mostly professional politicians and mediocre individuals appointed as commissioners, special assistants etc with no clue as to the basic workings of government.

Thus Deltans were excited when news reports of an impending cabinet reshuffle hit the airways. It was the hope of everyone that misfits would be purged while square pegs would finally find their way into square holes.

It is no gainsaying the fact that the Delta State Executive Council was constituted in pursuit of political balance and correctness, even at the expense of merit and service. This has invariably led to more politics than governance. For instance, never before has there been a Special Duties commissioner who cannot face the Press as his command of the English language is abysmal and embarrassing. This was the sort of persons who Deltans thought would be eased off from government in the anticipated cabinet reshuffle.

Alas, the reshuffle was made but the hopes of Deltans were quashed. Now the situation seems even worse as the mediocre Commissioners have now been given additional powers which they lack the capacity for. As a wise man would say, ‘where the gods require a blood sacrifice, Palm oil cannot placate it’. 

Governor Okowa has only escalated and worsened the already bad shape of his cabinet by redeploying Mr. Chuks Ossai, from Special Duties to the all important Lands, Survey and Urban Development ministry. This a commissioner and member of the Delta state Exco, who could not pronounce words correctly and read coherently his own speech during ministerial press briefing. This is akin to entrusting an aircraft in the hands of a madman, both the wannabe pilot and the occupants  will be headed for sure doom.

It is understandable that Okowa who already has his eyes on 2019 is only careful so as not to upset the applecart, but the interest of Deltans should always be sacrosanct and preponderant. Half measures can only lead to half results which is neither what Deltans deserve nor what would earn Okowa a second term.

Against this back ground, Deltans are therefore asking How Far Can Gov. Okowa And His Politics Of Half Measures Go?

Without mincing of words, the time for a holistic cabinet reshuffle is now, especially now that the administration is already halfway through. 

Comrade Ofie Monday, is a commentator on national issues, wrote in from Asaba, Delta State.


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