MACE THEFT: Omo-Agege Denies Invasion Of National Assembly With Thugs


Suspended embattled senator representing Delta Central senatorial district in the National Assembly, Mr. Ovie Omo-Agege has denied his alleged involvement in the invasion of the national Assembly with thugs and carted away the mace, its symbol of authority.

In a statement signed from the office of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, signed by Lucky Ajos, noted that they read in several media reports suggesting that the senator personally encouraged the removal of the Mace of the Senate, adding that “This weighty allegation is not true at all.”

“On Thursday, April 12, 2018, the Senate purportedly suspended Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. However, based on legal advice and his understanding of the current position of the law, Senator Omo-Agege today resumed work and sitting with his colleagues.

“A few champions of the unconstitutional, invalid and tyrannical suspension tried to stop him but those who opposed it welcomed and protected him throughout the sitting. We are grateful to the many Distinguished Senators who stood by Senator Omo-Agege.

“We are aware of several media reports suggesting that Senator Omo-Agege personally removed or encouraged anyone to remove the Mace of the Senate. This weighty allegation is not true at all.

“Following the said media reports on the Mace issue, the Police authorities decided to hear from Senator Omo-Agege. He has told the Police his perspective to help them carry out a proper investigation. He has since left the Police. Senator Omo-Agege trusts them to thoroughly investigate this very serious matter.

“We are also aware of a statement allegedly issued by the Senate Spokesperson, Senator Abdullahi Sabi. Without any investigation, Senator Sabi willfully, deliberately and unfairly made very serious allegations against Senator Omo-Agege on the Mace incident.

“We are carefully studying Senator Sabi’s allegations to ascertain their full ramifications. Appropriate responses will follow, as may be necessary.” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, the police has released Mr. Omo-Agege who was arrested shortly after the invasion and carting away of the National Assembly Mace.


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