OPINION: On Nigerian Corrupt Christian Politicians Not Genuine Believers


We totally agree with the Regional Overseer of the Apostolic Faith Church of Nigeria, Rev. Gealyn George, when he recently described corrupt Christian politicians in Nigeria as fake believers who have practically drifted away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. In his words: ‘’No genuine Christian would steal money that does not belong to him because such practice was not ordained by God or Jesus Christ.” And this is the absolute truth.

Considering the fact that the teachings of Jesus Christ are anchored on love, service to humanity, faithfulness and holiness to duty, it is clear indication that our so called Christian political leaders at levels of government, who are supposed to be custodians ‘collective wealth’ of their people, are simply out of track as genuine Christians because all we see that they have been doing, are the exact opposites of teachings of Jesus Christ. And as such, such so called Christians deserve nothing but full weight of the law especially if they have refused to repent from their evil ways.

Just like Rev. George stressed that any Christian arrested for “stealing public money while in office is a messenger of the devil, who had only come to steal, kill and destroy. Such believers should be made to face the penalties of their acts.

While are we not here to preach neither are we here to condemn or judge anybody, for it is only God that can judge everyone. But we believe posterity and humanity as a whole will not forgive us if we keep folding our hands and allow things continue going wrong in our country without us, at least trying to make the effort to have them corrected. We all can agree with the undeniable fact that the twin evils of corruption and bad-governance have kept Nigeria at its deplorable status.

A status where all the ‘factors’ you can think of that makes a Democratic nation relevant in global affairs, are either missing completely, mumbled-up, underdeveloped or characterized with dysfunctional attributes that the whole system is not working in the favour of the general populace, but only in the favour of some selected ‘privileged bourgeois’ in political circles and high places.

The truth is that, the culture of impunity has become the acceptable norm in this country, and the Nigerian populace as “followers”, are not helping matters. It is only in Nigeria that ‘thieves’ in political circles are celebrated and exalted, rather than being condemned and told the truth. People tend to ‘worship’, adore, and respect those that were/are in government who, obviously, from their lavish lifestyle and affluence in wealth, indicate that they have been stealing public funds under their care.

A very good example of this was that of Chief Bode George, when he was released from prison after serving two years in jail for misappropriating funds of the Nigerians Ports Authority (NPA), and of course; that of former Delta State Governor James Ibori, who was released from UK prison some few months back for laundering and stealing public funds meant for the development of his State and people.

Till tomorrow, such people are still accorded undue respect and attention by their obvious ignorant followers/ supporters rather than them being ignored, shamed and ridiculed, especially since they have not shown any sign or remorse or repentance for the wrongs and atrocities committed against their people/Nigerians.

Nigeria is in dire need of ‘exceptional leaders’, as much as it needs patriotic and ‘courageous followers’, at all levels of government and the polity. For those in the Niger Delta region, particularly oil and gas bearing host communities’ locals/stakeholders, and militants that have been agitating, fighting and complaining about the deplorable and pathetic underdevelopment state of the Niger Delta region; we strongly advise that they should channel and direct all their anger, frustrations, anguish, complaints, agitations and cries on our past and present Niger Delta political leaders who are majorly Christians.

From Niger Delta State Governors, Federal and State Lawmakers from the region, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, to Local Government Chairmen, Councilors, host communities Leaders, etc., most of whom were, and still in the habit of colluding with staff of Oil Companies, Officials of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), officials of the Niger Delta Ministry and Officials of other Interventionist Development Agencies like DESOPADEC; to massively misappropriate and steal public funds meant for the development of the Niger Delta region and its people.

The bitter truth is that, if all the public funds ever voted/budgeted/ allocated for/in the NDDC, Niger Delta Ministry and all the other State Intervention Development agencies, plus the State Governments Revenue Allocations, and Internally Generated Revenues (IGRs), etc, in the region were judiciously implemented with all sincerity of purpose; we are very certain that by now, there will not be any word like ‘riverine and creek areas’ used to describe most parts of the Niger Delta region.

If our Christian political leaders in Government have been sincere in utilizing the funds meant for the Niger Delta region, we believe by now we would have witnessed the development of all the riverine/coastal regions/areas of the region get transformed into “tourist attraction spots” and Sea Ports like we have in Singapore, some parts of London like Maritime Greenwich and North Greenwich areas that are practically built around rivers.

But are today tourist spots for foreign attraction. Our Christian political leaders/public Office holders, especially those in the Niger Delta region, should be reminded that “they will reap the evil seeds they have sewn with their soiled hands”. We however advise them to repent from their evil ways, willingly give-up/relinquish and surrender all their property, assets and investments acquired with stolen public funds to the rightful owners the Nigerian public.

They should not wait for the wrath of God and the curses of the people to befall them before they repent from their publicly-committed sins, which were committed against majority of Nigerian masses.

Zik Gbemre, JP.

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