Delta Self Proclaimed Traditional Ruler To Appear In Court For Trial For Conspiracy, Stealing, Forgery


The self proclaimed traditional ruler of Idumuje Ugboko, Prince Justin Chukwunonso Nwoko will in August 24, 2017, appear in court in Asaba to answer to charges of conspiracy, stealing, forgery which has been preferred against him in 2013.

Nwoko who had consistently refused to appear in court through the antics of his counsel and brother, Prince Mbanefo Nwoko, who was arrested last week and charged to court for acts of perjury and forgery committed in the process of defending his client.

The self proclaimed ruler was arraigned before an Owa-Oyibo Magistrates Court, Owa-Oyibo, Ika North East Local Government Area in 2013, but has persisted in absenting himself from appearing in court, thereby forcing the magistrate to issue a bench warrant.

In his bid to further absent himself from court, his lawyer, Mbanefo Nwoko, presented to the court, a medical report purported to have emanated from General Hospital, Owa-Oyibo.

The court ordered the police to verify the authenticity of the medical report whereby the Medical Director of the hospital, Mr. P.A. Onyema, addressed a letter entitled “Disclaimer: Re-Medical Report On Nwoko Oreze Nonso Justin, dated June 23, 2017, to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, SCID, Asaba.”

The Medical Director disclaimed the fake medical report, consequently, the court ordered further bench warrant on Prince Nonso Nwoko.

The arrest and arraignment of Mbanefo Nwoko, his brother and counsel, “for perjury and forgery” on August 14, in Asaba, has brought more pressure on the self proclaimed monarch, Justin Chukwunonso Nwoko, to appear in court in person without further delay.

The self proclaimed monarch feels badly exposed as he committed forgery in the process of defending himself in a matter where forgery is one of the charges.

Apart from honouring the court, he had also failed to honour several invitations from the police over the numerous crises, in Idumuje-Ugboko, on grounds that he is mourning the late father.

Some of his brothers, supporters and associates are already facing trial for alleged acts of rape, assault, murder and arson committed in the Palace and in Idumuje Ugboko.

HardReporters gathered that, following series of human rights abuses by the monarch and his cohorts, a team from the National Human Rights Commission was been expected in the kingdom this week to investigate the eviction of the two surviving widows of the late monarch who were ostracised and banished from the town.

They would also probe the alleged acts of brutality, torture and terrorising of persons who are opposed to the unilateral proclamation of kingship by Prince Nonso Nwoko.

Prince Walters O. Eziashi who initiated the petition of July 12, to the Delta state Command of Nigeria Police to enforce the bench warrant leading to the unfolding development said the crime of forgery, stealing, conspiracy and felony brought against Prince Nonso Nwoko has been on for the past four years and has nothing to do with his ambition to become the next king.

“When the issue of the kingship comes up, Idumuje Ugboko people have their history and culture to guide them and this cannot be skwed to favour any candidate.”

Apart from the on going case, Prince Nonso Nwoko is facing four more charges which could potentially damage his chances to be the king, though he is the least qualified by the fact that his mother and wife are not indigenes of Idumuje Ugboko.



  1. God will punish you, your pay master Nedu, Walter Eziashi and other idiots that will rot in hell for lieing. Nedu is not from Ugboko. Go back to your father, bastard!!!!

  2. God will punish you, your pay master Nedu, Walter Eziashi and other idiots that will rot in hell for lieing. Nedu is not from Ugboko. Go back to your father, bastard!!!!

    What arrant nonsense! Day in day out you guys write lies. Where did you learn your journalism?

    They pay you and you blindly write lies. There’s no kinship tussle in Idumuje Ugboko for your information, dumb head.

  3. I don’t understand! Same story everyday! Don’t you get tired! Nedu has always failed, this will not be an exception.

    Always bittjbg fingers that fed him. He did it to Ibori and others that have helped him.

    Nwoko family gave him an identity and he’s trying to destroy the name? Never! You are too minute Nedu Odai! That’s he’s real fathers name. Stop parading yourself as Nwoko. Is your mum that is Nwoko. Nigeria is a patriarchal society!

  4. Walter Ezieshi you are a LIAR. May the land, ancestors and the combined will of Idumuje-Ugboko indigenes bring confusion into your life as you are attempting to to do with your lie laden article. Until you retract and write the truth, you will have no peace. Your life and all that support you will be miserable. Until you write the truth, your life will be upside down and crooked. Until you write the truth, all NWOKO descendants that have gone before us will hold you accountable for your lies. Until you write the truth, Almighty God who moves in mysterious ways will hold you accountable.

    • I am misguided , no doubt, the reason I need to be enlightened. My question wasn’t misplaced after all. I repeat, what is the truth? I am all ears.

  5. I think the reporters should make a detailed and unbiased investigation before releasing a one sided, myopic, pre-planned and paid for report which does not show that the organisation is truly an authentic, honest and unprejudiced one. Your paymasters has paid you well and has blinded your eyes from investigating the truth.

  6. Same old story. Next year, you will still see same story on social media.

    Ugboko is peaceful and calm and no such arrest has been made neither has there been any invitation.

    Real men don’t fight on social media. If your pay master is so sure of his claims, let him be man enough to face our Obi.

    Long Live Obi Chukwunomso Nwoko
    Long live Idumuje Ugboko
    Long live Anioma Nation
    Long live Aniocha North
    Long live Delta State
    Long live Nigeria

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