HARD TALK: Usurpation Of Throne: Nonso Supporters Threaten Prince Uche Nwoko


….Okowa Steers Clear Of Idumuje Ugboko Crisis

Desperation has become the hallmark of the self proclaimed king of Idumuje Ugboko kingdom, Prince Chukwunonso Justin Nwoko whose supporters are uncomfortable with historical facts to countering their kingship usurpation plan.

Since the  exclusive publication of the photo graph of the heir apparent to the throne, Prince Uche Stephen Nwoko 18, there has been a determined effort to sustain a false claim that Idumuje Ugboko kingdom already has a king.

Crown Prince Uche Stephen Nwoko, is the 18 year old son of one the surviving wives of late HRM Albert Uwadiegwu Nwoko III of Idumuje Ugboko kingdom.

His mother is from Idumuje Ugboko kingdom and he is the one born after his father was crowned king in 1981 on a proviso that the king would marry a daughter of his town to produce a heir apparent to the throne. The tradition requires that the mother of the king must be a daughter of the town.

Some elders and traditionalists who know the historical background to Idumuje Ugboko being under a regency from 1955 to 1981, favour the claim that Uche Stephen Nwoko should be the next monarch of the town, even though his grand mother hailed from Ugbodu.

The people of Idumuje Ugboko had agreed to save the monarchy from a prolonged rule of regency from 1955 to 1981 owing to the traditional requirement that the mother of king must be an indigene. Prince Demas Nwoko who was approached after the death of Obi Nkeze Nwoko II, had declined to be king because he had married from Umunze in Anambra state, which will disqualify his children from the dynasty.

Prince Albert Nwoko had also married from Ubulu Uku and had children from that marriage. He was doubly ineligible to be the king because the end of his reign would create the scenario the Prof. Demas Nwoko wisely avoided in his lineage, which is exactly what is playing out today since the death of the late king.

Desperate to force their views on those opposed to their scheme, these faceless supporters have stormed the social media to sell their cock and bull stories and issue threats.

One of them CJ Skillz wrote “We have a king ,in the name of Obi Chukwunomso Nwoko, so everyone should back down we ain’t looking for an heir to the throne ,we have one already and he’s benn enthroned already.”

A Delta North senatorial pretender, Mr. Smart Madu Ajaja in his response to shared post of young Prince Uche Nwoko on facebook platform declared “If that’s truly the custom of the idumuje Ugboko people, the crown is his, but if not, he should not make the mistake of taking the risk of ascending the throne regardless of the strength, the wealth and the political muscles of his backers, because the law of natural justice which originates from the power of the Holy Spirit and so, respects no human scheming, manipulation and brute violence of man even if aligned with the corrupted might of the state, will prevail, no matter how long it takes just as was the case of the Abavo’s royal ascendancy fraud”.

A former media aide of Prince Ned Nwoko Mr. Onyeka Ibe described various media attacks targeted at the person of Prince Ned Nwoko over the crisis rocking Idumuje-Ugboko community as delusional, fanciful and pathetic.

Promoters of the of the crisis in Idumuje Ugboko namely Barrister Mbanefo Nwoko and others like him, realizing that their game is up were now doing all within their powers to bring others down along with them.

They are using threats and intimidation against persons and institutions that they see as obstacles to their scheme to foist a palace coup d’etat on the kingdom of Idumuje Ugboko.

Mr. Ibe said ,”We have recently noticed some really desperate and pitiful media attacks against Prince Ned Nwoko. Some of these write-ups are so delusional, fanciful and pathetic it would have been best to save mental energy for more worthy ventures than dissipate efforts on rebuttals.

“It appears that the promoters of the crisis in Idumuje Ugboko like Barrister Mbanefo Nwoko and others like him, realizing that their game is up, and like men in the throes of enforced death are, as best described by our Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, “splattering faeces” in all directions, hoping to taint others as they fade from conscious reality.

“But we reckon that if they could afford to concoct fictive apparitions and lie so brazenly, it wouldn’t cost us so much to represent the truth. And for the umpteenth time we wish to put forward the skeletal facts without any sentimental embellishments.”

Any unprejudiced observer who seeks independent opinion of the crisis in Idumuje Ugboko kingdom or who is opposed to to views from the palace is labelled as Compromised or supporter of Prince Ned Nwoko, the former federal law maker who is behind the Star University project.

The allocation of land for the University project is the propaganda tool for the self proclaimed monarch who is desperate to sustain himself on the throne by diverting attention from the real issues.

It is a known fact that there are series of cases, criminal and civil, ongoing, instituted by or against Prince Chukwunonso Nwoko and his supporters in various courts in Delta State. They are desperate and worried that any conviction would ruin his aspiration to usurp the throne.

They have increased their incessant attacks on the mass media,  Nigeria Police and the judiciary, to foist their anarchist threats of blood shed in their circle that everyone else cannot be wrong while only their opinions are right.

So far they have failed to hoodwink the Delta State Police Command, which has brought the three persons who raped a 14 year old princess on August 30 2014 to trial in Asaba. Another three persons who were suspected to have murdered an Okada operator, Mr. Cyprian Kamaron, have also been charged to court.

Fresh facts have however emerged on why Delta state Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa would not intervene in the kingship tussle rocking the ancient kingdom of Idumuje Ugboko, in Delta north, where Prince Justin Chukwunonso Nwoko has proclaimed himself to be the new monarch on February 7, 2017, without following the traditional due process.

Prince Nonso who is afraid of being arrested for the very case that landed his counsel in Police net on presentation of forged medical report to the court, is desperate to get Dr. Okowa to intervene, to save him from embarrassment.

There is palpable fear too that Prince Mbanefo Nwoko who committed the alleged forgery would be debarred by Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) for such ethical malfeasance once he appears in Court to faces the charges..

Efforts to pressurise the Governor to give a listening ear has failed as the Governor was reported to have gone out of town for urgent state matter.

The chairman of an oil importing firm who is a financier of governor Okowa’s political organization, is working hard to get the Governor to support the February 7, proclamation of kingship by Prince Justin Chukwunonso Nwoko who circumvented the high chiefs namely the Iyase, the traditional prime minister and the Odogwu, the defense minister as well as the Eze Dibia, to crown himself the new king just two hours after the burial of his father.

The oil importer is scheming to become the new Iyase of the town if the usurpation plan succeeds.

Sources said that Dr. Okowa has leant that “there is an 18 year old Prince Uche Stephen Nwoko, who mother is the fourth wife and an indigene of Idumuje Ugboko, whose son was born after Prince Albert Uwadiegwu Nwoko was coronated king in 1981.”

The condition precedent was that Prince Albert Nwoko whose mother was from Ugbodu and his wife was from Ubulu Uku would marry an Idumuje Ugboko woman to sire a heir apparent to the throne.

The people of Idumuje Ugboko had lived under a regency from 1955 to 1981 and had become desperate when Professor Demas Nwoko declined to accept the crown because his own children would not succeed him as king after his reign.

Informed sources told this writer that “these facts were not available to the Governor who was led to believe that the crisis in Idumuje Ugboko is directly link to the 90 hectares of land allocated to Prince Ned Nwoko for the Star University project.”

Prince Nonso Nwoko is now desperate to avoid being arrested after his brother and lawyer Prince Mbanefo Nwoko was picked up by the operatives of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) of Delta State Police Command for alleged conspiracy and forging a medical report document on behalf of Prince Nonso Nwoko.

His arrest was precipitated by an order issued by Chief Magistrate F.I Dike, following a false medical report allegedly presented by Barr Mbanefo on behalf of Prince Chukwunonso Nwoko, who also has a bench warrant to defend, for failure to appear before the court.

Prince Nonso Nwoko feels badly exposed and wants to avoid arrest for his failure to respond to several invitations from the police over the numerous crises, including alleged forgery, in Idumuje-Ugboko.

The source revealed that he persisted in absenteeism forcing the court to issue a bench warrant, but in defense, he allegedly gave his Lawyer, Barrister Mbanefo Nwoko, a medical report emanating from General Hospital, Owa-Oyibo, which was presented before the court.

The court ordered the police to verify the report whereby the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr P.A. Onyema, in a letter dated June 23, 2017, addressed to Assistant Commissioner of Police, SCID, Asaba and titled “Disclaimer: Re-Medical Report On Nwoko Oreze Nonso Justin” said the report did not emanate from the hospital.

Consequently, the court ordered further bench warrant on Prince Nonso, saying he has failed to appear before the court since inception of the case.

Sources said the situation in Idumuje Ugboko is a landmine for the governor who has his eyes set on a second term in office.

Said source: “Dr. Okowa would not want to interfere with matters that are already before the Courts, that is not how to strengthen our institutions. The land matter is already in court for two years so the government can not revoke the Certificate of Occupancy. The Governor would equally not endorse any traditional political office holder that has not emerged through the traditionally recognised due process, this is not limited to Idumuje Ugboko, we have similar situations in Akumazi, Egbudu Akah and Onicha Olona”

The governor would not take any action that would frustrate the people of Delta north or reopen old political wounds as we approach 2019.

Meanwhile, Mbanefo Nwoko was on Monday arraigned before an Asaba Magistrate Court in Delta State for alleged forgery of medical documents.

In charge number CMA/420c/2017, between the Commissioner of Police (complainant) and the accused person, Mr. Mbanefo is facing a 10-count charge bothering on conspiracy and forgery.

But the 63-year old accused pleaded not guilty to all the charges when they were read to him by the court.

Presiding Magistrate, Ann Okonkwo (Mrs.) however granted the accused bail in the sum of N200,000.00 and a surety in like sum.

The surety, according to the court l, must be resident within the jurisdiction of the court where he must also have landed property.

The presiding Magistrate also ordered the surety to submit documents of the landed property to the court, before adjourning the matter to September 12, 2017 for definite hearing.

Defense counsel, P.C. Dukwun had applied for the bail application, contending that the accused person is a legal practitioner with over 30 years experience, adding the facts of the counts arose as a result of rendering professional services.

He prayed the court to grant the accused bail based on self recognition, and that the offenses were bailable, adding that the accused will not abscond if granted bail.

But prosecution counsel, R.O. Ishiguzo opposed the bail application, arguing that the accused may jump bail and influence the course of justice.

Ishigugo further contended that the accused, if granted bail, may suppress evidence that may criminalise him, adding that the matter was still under investigation as some of the suspects in the alleged forgery are yet to be arrested.

In the charges, the accused and others at large, allegedly forged documents of the Hospital Management Board, Owa-Oyibu, and presented same as genuine documents to Chief Magistrate Court 1, Asaba.


This article was sent in from Delta State by Dennis Obiorji and Hezy Odohson.


  1. Some time I think that our God is too good to have kept some people alive not minding their evil plans against others . my prayer for u all that see the truth over look it and go other ways ,the same will people do to u in ur own time.Nedu change when u still have time let our Obi have peace.


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