HARD TALK: APC Is The Greatest Danger To National Unity


The two greatest, expensive and wrong mistakes Muhammadu Buhari made as he was sworn in as Nigeria President was to go to the International Community to tell the world that in his own country, the country he presides over as the number one citizen, some people are 97% and some are 5% and that they can’t get equal treatments or benefits. Which section of a people can take that from its government? And i believe President Buhari still doesn’t understand the power in words. And it’s not that he doesn’t care about the power in words but, he still doesn’t get it.

And the second blunder was to arrest Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari lacks leadership skill. If he was wise enough, he shouldn’t have arrested Nnamdi Kanu. He would have left him to fade away into the tin air. But out of lack of leadership skill, he arrested him and gave him popularity and made him international figure. And today, he’s a bone in his throat. He can’t swallow the bone and he still can’t spit it out of his throat.

President Buhari believes we’re in a military era and not a democratic era and that’s why he does what he does today by using the might of the military on peaceful agitators.

And today, agitation is every here and there in Nigeria. Biafra agitation, Oduduwa agitation, the Niger-Delta agitation, the middle belt are also feeling being treated like 3rd class citizen and that’s why Agatu was turned to killing field.

APC as a party and its apologists have succeeded pitting us against each other. They’ve succeeded dividing this country along tribal, religion and political lines. APC is the greatest danger to national unity. They have no single leadership skill on how to rally everyone for a single cause. And that’s why they believe that anyone who opposes their ideas should be tagged as terrorist confronted with firearm.

Vice President Osinbajo who’s a legal luminary, a whole professor of law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria is a disappointed fellow for saying “Hate Speech is an act of Terrorism.” If you call hate speech as a act of Terrorism, then, how do you call herdsmen? How do you call 97% and 5% that fans the flames of agitation all over the Country? What’s more hateful than 97% and 5%? How do you call Bokoharam? Where is the natural law of justice when you protect evil against evil Prof. Osinbajo?

The army are now testing their strengths in a peaceful environment where no one owns a pistol whereas Bokoharam has been causing serious damages day in and day out in the North.

Report has it according to Sahara Reporters that soldiers surrender Nnamdi Kanu’s house in Afaruchukwu, entetred NUJ’s office and destroyed Laptops, phones, files and their office in Abia State.

The question now is, if the way they surrender Nnamdi Kanu’s house, entetred NUJ’s office and destroyed properties is the way they surrender Sambista forest, enter their strongholds and destroyed them and their weapons, would there still be Shekau and his foot soldiers of Bokoharam killing at will in the North?

Indeed, “an attack on Bokoharam is an attack on the Northerners.”

The truth is that, we Nigerians we’re not being sincere to ourselves. We’re just too full of mighty and irritating and disgusting lies and attitudes and the government is the most irresponsible organization in the whole world. And that is why we’re the most developed and peaceful country in the whole world. A nation with government of no conscience is not worth having.

If Nigeria must be forged ahead, then we must sit and discuss the way forward. Firearms and the might of the military cannot make a successful and peaceful Nation.

Thank you!

Written By Omonire Ovwigho Isaac


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